Who was Dyllan Whittenberg? How did he die trying to save others in Icy lake, explained

Dyllan Whittenberg

A teenage guy from Colorado lost his life while attempting to rescue two girls who were stuck in an icy lake. It is a story of bravery and sorrow. Let’s see who was Dyllan Whittenberg and how did he die trying to save others in Icy lake in detail.


How did Dyllan Whittenberg die?

A teenage boy has passed away after falling into an icy pond in Roxborough Park, Colorado, when he attempted to save other kids. The 14-year-old Dyllan Whittenberg did not survive the tragedy, but the other kids who were there did.

According to family relatives, Dyllan was trying to save two girls from a lake in Douglas County on Tuesday when he and another youngster got caught under the frigid water. The three other children were rescued by neighbors, but Dyllan had to be recovered by a diving team.

It’s really intimidating. The boy’s aunt Lynnette Sherock said, “I cannot believe that. The amount of love that was shown here for my nephew tonight, it was just unreal. Sherock said she wants her nephew to be remembered as a hero.


Dyllan Whittenberg cause of death:

Crews were summoned to Crystal Lake on Tuesday after the four kids slipped through the ice, according to West Metro Fire Rescue.

According to the fire brigade, neighbors used hoses, extension cords, and ropes to pull out three of them—two girls and a boy. Fortunately, they survived. Sadly, one boy died.

A youngster who fell into deeper water further from shore not survived. While the three who were saved by neighbors fell closer to the coast, fire department said.

The boy was dragged out by a dive team after being unable to be reached by neighbors, taken immediately to a nearby hospital. Later, he was flown to a different hospital, according to the fire department. On Friday, CBS Colorado reported that the boy had passed away.

“Shallow on the shoreline. Quickly drops off a shelf to seven to eight feet,” the fire department said. Roxborough Park is a community located about 25 miles south of Denver.

One day after turning 14, the teen passed away on Thursday afternoon. At a memorial on Friday, Dyllan’s classmates praised him for being selfless and having a smile that could brighten any space.

Tributes to Dyllan Whittenberg:

Carmen Ahearn commented,

I am so Very Sorry. Definitely a hero, this is so sad. R.I.P. Young Man

Kristy Guzman commented,

R.I.P. young man. Such a sad tragic accident. My heart hurts for his family.

Susan Gregoire commented,

So sad. Rest easy young hero, he was a true hero. Most people will live a full life and never die a hero. Bless this kid.

Michele Beauton posted,

Prayers to the family and all involved. This is tragic for all. Now that’s a hero!! Should erect a statue memorial in his name in town , and name the lake after him. Raise grievance funds for his surviving family.

Orlem Ctga posted,

He dies a Hero… R.I.P. Prayers for his family.

Ahmed Gibson commented,

If there’s a go fund me post it so I can contribute. He was a true Hero… RIP Dylan

Fran Horton posted,

So sad, he died a Hero!! Condolences to the family and friends!!

Mary Willametz commented,

So sad. He died saving others. There’s a special place for him in heaven.

Freddie DellaValle commented,

We need to create a new term to refer to someone with such a high level of heroism that they could literally qualify for Captain America status. It’s a shame that the term ‘superhero” has already been defined. Dyllan Whittenberg is a superhero.


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