How did Charlie Norris die? Ex WCW Professional wrestler cause of death explained


Charlie "Thunderblood" Norris
Charlie “Thunderblood” Norris


Charlie “Thunderblood” Norris, a native American gimmick performer on Midwest independents, passed away earlier today. Let’s see, how did the wrestler die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Charlie Norris die?

Charlie, who wrestled for most of 1993 with WCW has passed away. He was 57. Norris passed away this afternoon, according to a statement from the Cauliflower Alley Club.

There is currently no information available regarding Norris’ cause of death, although PWInsider states that Norris most recently resided and worked as a personal trainer on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Northwestern Minnesota.

Who was Charlie Norris?

Charlie Norris was a former PWA, WCW, & AWF star. In 1989, Norris started wrestling. He trained with Eddie Sharkey and worked in Minneapolis for Sharkey’s PWA banner.

Within a few months of his debut, Norris won the PWA Heavyweight Title, which he went on to retain five times.

In 1993, Norris made his NWA debut and also inked a contract with WCW. Between August 1993 and January 1994, he was employed by WCW and was given a lot of encouragement.

On the January 29, 1994 broadcast of WCW Worldwide, Norris lost to then-WCW World Television Champion William Regal (aka Lord Steven Regal).

After leaving WCW, Norris went back to his hometown promotion, where he twice won the PWA Tag Team Championships with Sam Houston and Derrek Dukes.

Up until about 2006, he worked for the AWF and numerous independent promotions.

In 1991, Norris worked WWE dark matches, which were tryouts for the company’s planned introduction of a new Native American wrestler. However, they instead chose Chris Chavis, who wrestled as Tatanka.

Charlie sued WCW:

In his WWE matches, Norris performed as Johnny Grey Feather and Thunderblood. He launched a complaint against WCW in 1994 after quitting the organization.

Citing that executives had forced him to do humiliating and racially offensive moves, including the hand chops in the air and an Indian dance.

He notably mentioned former WCW president Greg Gagne, who addressed Norris as “Big Chief” and demonstrated the dance that the organization wanted him to perform in the ring, in the lawsuit.

In addition, Norris claimed that his weekly salary of $800 was significantly less than that of other performers.

Norris further claimed that while he was not being paid for travel and costuming, other performers were.

He also claimed that WCW disregarded a contract he signed while Ole Anderson oversaw talent. Norris then won the lawsuit.

Charlie Norris cause of death:

Charlie Norris cause of death was not known. His friends and fans had made condolences to him on social media.

The Cauliflower Alley Club released the statement on the passing of Charlie Norris saying,

“We are once again hit was sad news with the passing of Charlie Norris at the age of 57. As always, we send out our condolences to his family and friends during this most difficult time. Rest on peace Sir..”

Tributes to Charlie Norris:

RING SPAN tweeted,

Bummed to learn of the passing of former PWA, WCW, & AWF star, #CharlieNorris. I was a young fan of Norris in the early-90s; especially while he was on a brief roll in World Championship Wrestling, circa 1993. Trained by Eddie Sharkey & Brad Rheingans, he was 59. #RIPThunderblood

The Wrestling Memory Grenade tweeted,

One of the many men to tryout for the WWF’s Native American gimmick before it ultimately went to Tatanka, Charlie Norris dominated the indy scene in the Minnesota area for Eddie Sharkey’s PWA. Norris also had a brief stint in WCW in 1993. @WrestlingIsKing

My Wrestling videos And pics tweeted,

We Are Once Again Hit Was Sad News With The Passing of Charlie Norris At The age of 57. As Always We Send out Our Condolences To His Family And Friends During This Most Difficult Time. Rest In Peace Sir..

Rob Kellum posted,

RIP my wrestling brother Charlie Norris. Always a pleasure sharing the ring with you. My heartfelt thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with his family. Love and respect always brother

JoshiQ tweeted,

Kind of surprised Charlie Norris was only 57. He was part of a fun mid-card face group in WCW in the early ’90s. Sad to hear he passed.


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