How did Amari Altomore die? Monessen teenager shooting incident and cause of death explained

A student from Monessen High School who was shot on Tuesday night and taken to a hospital in Pittsburgh by medical helicopter has passed away. Let’s see How did Amari Altomore die and about Monessen teenager shooting incident in detail.


Monessen teenager shooting incident

The adolescent from Monessen who was shot on Tuesday night has passed away.

Around 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Westmoreland County 911 received call reporting shooting on South 14th Street. 

When emergency personnel came, they discovered teen who had been shot in the chest. 

He was taken to Pittsburgh hospital for treatment, but he eventually passed away.

The 16-year-old boy’s death is being classified by police as a homicide. Police Chief David Yuhasz stated that there are still many kids he wants to speak to and that the investigation is far from done.

How did Amari Altomore die?

The teenager from Monessen who was shot on Tuesday night has passed away.

Amari Altomore was fatally shot in Monessen.

Although the identity of the victim has not been made public, Monessen football coach Wade Brown posted a picture of Amari Altomore with the caption,

“My guy Amari didn’t make it through surgery and has passed on to a better place. I have so much to say but I can’t get it out right. Love you Amari.”

Friends and Family Gather at the scene:

Following the devastating news of the kid’s passing on Wednesday, friends and family of the Monessen High School student gathered at the shooting scene.

Residents of the neighborhood described the boy as a fantastic football player who loved his mother.

Family friend Erica Gettemy said,

“He loved his mom, he had dogs.”

“He was just a good, little boy. He was a Monessen Greyhound. He loved playing football. He was just a good guy. He was a good young man.

He wasn’t a troublemaker. He was all about his mom. He was all about doing what he needed to do for his mother.”

Family friend Luke Farmer said,

“I don’t know why someone would do that to this kid.”

“I never heard anything bad about him, and I know his cousins and his family. I worked out with his mother downtown at the gym. That’s her only child.”

On Wednesday, the entire district operated on a two-hour delay, according to the Monessen School District Facebook page.


The two-hour delay was announced in writing to family and staff, who were informed that a “student from the high school was flown by medical helicopter to the hospital due to serious injuries.”

Social media was flooded with prayers for the teen all night Tuesday and Wednesday. Those well wishes changed to sorrow for the family on Wednesday as the tragic news circulated.


According to Monessen police, 16-year-old man was shot in the upper abdomen.

Later, the police acknowledged that his injuries caused him to pass away.

Monessen Superintendent Robert Motte issued the following statement to Channel 11:

“The person that was involved in a tragic event on Tuesday evening is a student at Monessen High School.

The 2-hour delay schedule we activated was to ensure our faculty and staff is prepared to deal with the event. We have contacted the Westmoreland County Intermediate Unit for counseling and support services for our student body at the middle/high school.

We sincerely hope our student recovers from this incident.”

The teenager is believed to have played football for the school. There were no other recorded injuries.

Officials claim that a search warrant has been granted for the home near South 14th Street and Reservoir Avenue where the shooting may have taken place. The victim may have left the house on foot, according to the police.

No information has been released regarding the search’s findings.


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