How did Allegra Spender father die? John Spender cause of death Explained

How did Allegra Spender father die? John Spender cause of death Explained

John Spender, a former federal politician who represented Australia as its ambassador to France under the Howard administration, has passed away. Let’s see how he died and John Spender cause of death in detail

How did Allegra Spender father die?

Spender, a longtime Liberal who was the ex-husband of fashion designer Carla Zampatti and the father of independent MP Allegra Spender and fashion designer Bianca Spender, supported his daughter’s successful campaign to gain the prestigious Wentworth seat earlier this year.

He was also renowned for being one of the “principled” members of the federal parliament who protected Laurie Oakes, a journalist, from accusations of contempt of the house for saying there were “drunks and bludgers” there.

Allegra Spender said in a statement late on Friday that he was “someone who reflected on the world, always questioned it, loved excellent conversation, and was courteous to the end.” He was friendly and giving, funny, and a fantastic buddy.



John Spender cause of death

When Ted Mack, one of the forerunners of today’s independents, contested Spender for the seat of North Sydney in 1990, Spender lost. After Howard led the Liberals to victory in the election that year, he was appointed ambassador to France in 1996 and served in that capacity for four years.

Spender’s family complimented the staff at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital for caring for him and cited one of his last words, “The coffee better be good today,” which he said when he knew he only had a few days left. His family said that natural causes were known to John Spender cause of death

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. Also, more information on John Spender cause of death will be added soon.


Who was John Spender?

Spender was born in Sydney, the son of Percy Spender and Jean (née Henderson). His mother was a novelist, while his father was a politician, diplomat, and judge.

John spent a portion of his early years in Washington, D.C., when his father was the ambassador to the country. John received his education at Yale University and Gray’s Inn.

He returned to Australia and practiced law in Sydney as a barrister from 1961 to 1980. He was given the status of Queen’s Counsel in 1974. (QC).

Spender held the positions of metropolitan vice-president and treasurer for the Liberal Party of Australia (New South Wales Division).

Ultimately, he succeeded Bill Graham as the representative for North Sydney in the 1980 federal election, and he was elected to the House of Representatives.

Spender held the position of Australian Ambassador to France from 1996 until 2000. He additionally worked as Portugal’s non-resident ambassador and Cyprus’ special envoy (1996–1998). (1996–2000). He received the Legion d’honneur from the French government in recognition of his efforts to fortify links between France and Australia.

The early life of John Spender

Spender, the son of Percy Spender and Jean (née Henderson), was born in Sydney. His father was a politician, diplomat, and judge, while his mother wrote novels. While his father was serving as ambassador to the US, he spent a portion of his boyhood there.

Spender received his education at Gray’s Inn and Yale University. From 1961 through 1980, he worked as a barrister in Sydney after relocating to Australia. In 1974, he was made a Queen’s Counsel (QC). He defended the Shop, Distributive, and Allied Employees Association (SDA) in an Australian Workers’ Union lawsuit in 1978. (AWU).

The Government of New South Wales hired Spender to write a study on the failure of Gollin Holdings Limited. He discovered that the managing director of the business, Keith Gale, had misappropriated company assets in addition to fabricating accounts to mask a $10.8 million loss in 1975. In March 1979, his final report—which made reforms to business rules and procedures—was presented to the state legislature.

John’s Political career

Spender served as the Liberal Party of Australia’s treasurer and metropolitan vice-president (New South Wales Division). He and state president David Patten looked into Lyenko Urbanchich in 1979 after the Liberal Party official was charged with working with the Nazis in wartime Slovenia. With the state executive’s approval, they proposed banning him from party office despite finding no concrete proof to support the claims. But afterward, the state executive decided that Urbanchich should be kicked out of the party.

At both the 1973 Parramatta by-election and the 1969 federal election (in Warringah), Spender unsuccessfully ran for Liberal preselection.

In the end, he succeeded Bill Graham in North Sydney and was elected to the House of Representatives in the 1980 federal election.

He was assigned to Andrew Peacock’s shadow cabinet with responsibilities for aviation and defense support after the Coalition was defeated in 1983. Later, he was fired for refusing to support the Costigan Commission.

Spender was appointed shadow attorney general by new opposition leader John Howard after the 1985 leadership change.

He harshly criticized calls for a charter of rights in June 1986. In April 1987, in the lack of any women in the shadow government, he succeeded Peter Baume as the Coalition’s spokesperson on women’s issues. Spender was assigned the responsibility for foreign relations following the 1987 federal election.

He demanded the lifting of all Australian sanctions against South Africa in August 1988, claiming that they had hindered change.

Spender maintained the position until he was ousted in the 1990 election by well-known independent Ted Mack. He lost more than 18% of the primary votes he received in 1987, which gave Mack the advantage when the Democratic and Labor parties largely supported him.

Tributes to John Spender

Yuva said,

So sorry for your loss Allegra. My deepest condolences are with you and your family. He must have been very proud to have you as his daughter. May he Rest In Peace. ❤️🙏

Kristen said,

Sorry to hear that – I saw your dad speak at your launch. I was so impressed by his obvious pride and support. What a lovely dad he must have been and how lucky you were to have him. Must be very hard for you right now. Thinking of you.

Sherly said,

Very sad to hear this Allegra Spender. I am glad he lived to wear the shirt and see the dream come true, and maybe eventually that will be some consolation

Sophy said,

Allegra – I’m so very sorry. That is heartbreaking news. He must have been so proud of you, your family & the incredible work you’ve done. My condolences ❤️

Rosy said,

So sorry to hear this news, Allegra. Your parents’ values and spirits live on through you – they would be so proud of the work you are doing.

Janu tweeted,

Heartfelt condolences to you and your beautiful family Allegra, he sounds like a wonderful dad, his memory will always live on in your hearts ♥️



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