How did AJ Crimson die? What happened? Cause of death

How did AJ Crimson die

How did AJ Crimson die: AJ Crimson, the founder and CEO of AJ’s beauty empire, died at the age of 35. AJ Crimson was a well-known beauty and make-up artist whose death was announced on social media.


Who was AJ Crimson?

AJ Crimson is a self-taught makeup artist and entrepreneur who built a beauty empire from the comfort of his own home using only an insatiable desire for all things aesthetic. His story is not widely known, but he has achieved success by remaining true to what makes him happy.

Crimson has quickly made a name for himself in the film industry thanks to his talent and dedication. While working at MAC stores back home, he began as an assistant on Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges’ project 8 miles before moving out west to pursue bigger opportunities abroad! Only two years later, this talented artist was given another chance when he was offered work with one of LA’s most famous makeup artists, who also happened to befriend his family.


AJ Crimson Beauty

AJ Crimson Beauty’s mission is to create products that cater specifically to women, particularly those who identify as African American or Multi-cultural. The line started with makeup and skincare but has since expanded to include aromatherapy workshops. He is one of the most well-known make-up artists in the United States.

The success of make-up artist AJ Crimson Beauty is unrivaled in the beauty industry. They’ve been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious magazines, including Vogue and Glamour, to name a few.


AJ Crimson Cause of death

How did AJ Crimson die: AJ Crimson, the founder and CEO of AJ’s beauty empire, died at the age of 35. The Shade Room confirmed AJ Crimson’s death after numerous celebrities shared the news on social media. However, no further information about his death has been released. His family appears to be keeping a low profile. AJ’s family and friends have also remained silent about the nature of the beauty artist’s death. AJ’s family appears to be staying low-key. AJ’s family is devastated by the loss of their beloved make-up artist, and many people have expressed their condolences and prayers on social media. Unfortunately, no credible authorities have revealed the cause of his death.


Net worth

AJ Crimson’s net worth was estimated to be around $1 million when he died. He amassed this fortune as a result of the success of his beauty company, “AJcrimsonbeauty.” He was associated with well-known artists in the Hollywood industry.



Amiyah Scott tweeted
AJ Crimson was so sweet every time we’ve crossed paths and I’m so sad to hear of his passing  RIP
Shar Jossell tweeted
The news of AJ Crimson‘s passing is so shocking and tragic. A major loss.
I was such a fan of his artistry.
Praying for his family and friends during this time.
Clay ‘Critical Thinking Theory’ Cane tweeted
Heartbreaking to hear about the passing of AJ Crimson. A true master at his craft.
Maura Chanz tweeted
This AJ Crimson news is devastating.
Gabrielle Dennis tweeted
After getting the call I just kept hoping it wasn’t real. I’m still stunned. Life is fragile. AJ Crimson was such a special, bright, warm, and talented human being whose light and love will be missed by many. You now have wings to go with your crown King
afrobella tweeted
RIP to a legend and trailblazer in the beauty world. Whenever I saw AJ Crimson, he was the definition of a professional. He inspired so many. My condolences to his family, friends, and all of his peers in beauty and beyond.

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