How did actor Don Brymo die? Cause of death and obituary

Don Brymo Uchegbu
Don Brymo Uchegbu died at the age of 56


Don Brymo Uchegbu, a veteran Nollywood actor, has passed away. Let’s see how Don Brymo Uchegbu die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Don Brymo Uchegbud die?

The Anambra State-born thespian allegedly died on Thursday, June 15, 2023. His friends and collegues confirmed this sad news on social media posts.

On Thursday morning, his coworker and friend Mr. Mayor Ofoegbu posted on his Facebook page to confirm the news.

“Plan for tomorrow but live for today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed”. “I wrote those lines on my WhatsApp status yesterday evening. My man, my 5 & 6, Don Brymo Uchegbu, passed in his sleep.

“I received the shocking news this morning and had to verify from his family. Chai! Don Brymo my manchi. It had to say goodbyes. Nnukwu nwa na Enugu ukwu,” Ofoegbu, who posted a picture of them together, wrote.

Don Brymo cause of death:

Don Brymo, a native of Enugwu Ukwu in the Anambra LGA of Njikoka has passed away. According to some unknown sources, he was apparently taken in a hurry to an unnamed hospital, where a partial stroke and a high blood sugar level were determined to be the cause of his condition.

According to reports, Brymo was sent to a hospital in Anambra State for more care, but he eventually gave up. Confidentially speaking, an actress verified the incident and expressed shock at his untimely passing.

The 56-year-old actor has been reported to have died in his sleep, according to some sources. Tributes flooded social media after his sudden demise news broke out.

Tributes to Don Brymo:

Nzerem Ebuka7 posted,

Rest In Peace legend.. What a life It’s over daddy yo! Don Brymo we never bargained for this i feel so weak I have been staring at our Monday chat! It’s just barely three days ago! U are a good man & typing RIP is going to be extremely hard & difficult for me to, because u really do not deserve to leave so early. Your fans will miss u so Dearly i will miss u too. We are nothing but pencil in d hand of d creator. Your time here on earth will forever remain celebrated! Rip d don

Kennedy Obruche posted,

Nollywood Star, Don Brymo confirmed D£ad
He reportedly collap$ed in his hotel ro0m where he went for a movie production
Subsequently he was taken to the hospital
Doctors allegedly confirmed he suff£red a partial st¥oke
He was later taken back to a hospital in Anambra State where he d!ëd this morning.
May his soul Rest In Peace.

Naddy Nadico posted,

Twice I reached out to you and you honoured my invitations.Today we received the sad news of your passing away to the other side of the divide.
May God receive your soul and comfort your family.
Enugwu Ukwu lost a gem
Nollywood lost a great man.
Rest in Peace my Brother Don Brymo .


Nollywood has lost another great actor
Don Brymo Uchegbu died. He slept and didn’t wake up.
He diied this morning
Rest in peace Don Brymo Uchegbu.
If you have seen him in a movie. pay him last respect by typiing Rest in peace.

Rachael Happy posted,

Don Brymo Uchegbu is deaed
R!p sir
Nigeria great actor died
Here was the message he left for us

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  1. Don brymo
    You were such an amazing television personality and your death has shunned the whole of this world.
    We may not know each other but I was in touch through your movies! Rest in peace our Nigerian hero!


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