Rapper YNG Cheese shot and killed: Gillie Da Kid’s son died in Philly shooting


_Gillie Da Kid's son Rapper YNG Cheese died in Philly shooting
Gillie Da Kid’s son Rapper YNG Cheese died in Philly shooting (Source: Facebook)


Rapper YNG Cheese, age 25, was shot and died tonight in Philadelphia. He was Gillie Da Kid’s son. People began asking concerns about the young rapper’s death and expressing fury over the murder when the news of his murder spread like wildfire and became viral.

The loss of children is like losing a part of yourself. You never forget them, no matter where life takes you. They will always remain close in our hearts forever.

His family and friends are inconsolable over the tragic loss of YNG Cheese, and they have been sending one condolence message after another to show how much it hurts.

Here is all we currently know about the shooting, YNG Cheese’s cause of death, and other related information.

Rapper YNG Cheese, 25, passed away

Rapper YNG Cheese, who was the son of Gillie Da Kid, reportedly died. Although the cause of death hasn’t been officially determined, some rumors claim the rapper was shot and killed.

Tragically, YNG Cheese, the son of well-known rapper Gillie Da Kid, has died. He passed away on Thursday, July 20, 2023. Information indicates that he was killed in Philadelphia.

Through several social media publications, his death was confirmed. Additional details about the shooting were unknown as of the time this story was written.

The personality of YNG Cheese was a captivating fusion of originality, sincerity, humility, empathy, charisma, and perseverance.

Philadelphia Shooting

A 25-year-old man was killed in a triple shooting Thursday night in Philadelphia’s Olney neighborhood, according to police.

Now, Police in Philadelphia are looking into a triple shooting that left one guy dead and two others wounded. At 8:24 p.m. on Thursday, it occurred on the 5800 block of Mascher Street in Philadelphia.

One shot was fired in the back of a 25-year-old guy, who was then taken to the hospital in a private vehicle and later declared dead.

In addition, two other men, ages 28 and 31, were shot and sent to the hospital. Both were given steady condition ratings.

Ten expended shot casings were discovered at the site, according to police, and one of the victims rushed over to a nearby house.

According to police, no one has been arrested, and no weapons have been found. There is also no word yet on the motive behind the shooting.


Rapper Gillie Da Kid’s son was reportedly slain in a triple shooting. A family friend verified to NBC10 that the victim was local rapper YNG Cheese, the son of Philadelphia rap star and podcast host Gillie Da Kid.

A source verified to NBC10 that the kid of Philadelphia rapper and podcaster Gillie da Kid was killed in a triple shooting on Thursday night.

The deceased man’s identity has not yet been made public by the police. NBC10 received confirmation from a family source that the victim was YNG Cheese, a local rapper and the child of Philly rapper and podcast host Gillie Da Kid. 

Who was YNG Cheese?

Gillie Da Kid is a popular rapper, songwriter, and actor from Philadelphia.YNG Cheese was his son. YNG Cheese is a highly talented artist and he always challenges norms and pushes boundaries as an artist, forging a distinct route in the music business.

Fans and budding artists alike find him to be an inspiration because of his sincerity and accessible demeanor. YNG Cheese keeps making an ever-lasting impression on the music industry with each new album and performance, and his alluring personality only serves to further the attraction of this budding star.

YNG Cheese was renowned for his tireless work ethic behind the scenes. He devotes a lot of time and enthusiasm to his work, spending hours honing both his songs and performances.

He has been creating buzz around Philly for a while. The song “Let’s Play Ball” by Cheese uses an appealing and well-managed flow over a foreboding and bass-heavy instrumental to further the track’s dark vibe.

People need to start realizing that all Cheese makes are bangers because he has been demonstrating how varied he is for a while.

Hip-Hop duo Macc N Cheese 

The hip-hop duo Macc N Cheese consists of uptown rappers Tr37macc & Young Cheese: two real-life brothers whose father is Philly hip-hop veteran Gillie Da Kid.

He was a well-known member of the hip-hop group Major Figgas and a major influence on hip-hop artists like Lil Wayne — especially the way he changed his flow in 2004. That explains why the group is signed under Gillie’s label Million Dollaz Worth of Game Ent.

Yet while Gillie has been seeing a lot of success recently off his Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, alongside his cousin Wallo, both Tr37macc and Young Cheese have no intention of riding the coattails of their father and uncle’s achievements.

The two of them are ready to make a name for themselves with the recent release of their singles “Pesos” and “Ignore.”

Inspired by today’s generation of rap music, Macc and Cheese create the same type of content made by the generation of rappers before them, focusing more on the delivery instead of the words.

Rappers from Philadelphia always find some way to impact hip hop, and with time Macc N Cheese plans to be added to that list.

With the assistance of Million Dollaz Worth of Game Ent and a valuable game from Gillie, the two young hip-hop artists from uptown might be able to take their music further than Father did. At least they know their city will be watching them.

Who was Gillie da Kid?

Rapper and composer Gillie is from Philadelphia. On July 31, 1984, Gillie was born in Pennsylvania. The rapper and songwriter’s real name is Nasir Fard.

He attended Ben Franklin High School as a teenager and Cabrini College as a business major after that. Da Kid was a track and field athlete while attending college.

He was a part of the Major Figgas rap group, which consisted of seven individuals. Fans of Gillie, who appreciate him and his writing, refer to him as “King of Philly.”

After claiming to have ghostwritten songs for renowned rapper and lyricist Lil Wayne, he gained attention and made the news. 

About Gillie da Kid’s solo career

Da Youngster signed a recording contract with the New Orleans-based Greenbacks Records after leaving Major Figgis to pursue a career in performance recording.

He allegedly kept writing as a ghostwriter for the label until publication issues prohibited the dissemination of his work.

Following that, Da Kid obtained a contract with the independent label Babygrande Records and released the mixtape “The Best of the GDK Mixtapes” in 2007. After that, his song “Get Down on the Ground,” which Soulja Boy eventually covered, became a solid smash.

Da Kid then released the albums “King of Philly” and “I Am Philly.” After eventually leaving Babygrande Records, he joined Relumae Records and issued the albums “Welcome to Gilladelphia” and “Million Dollars Worth of Game”.

Acting career

Da Youngster has performed in a number of films and TV shows in addition to his career as a musician. The fantasy thriller “King of the Avenue” and the biblical drama “The Wrath of Cain” both featured him in 2010.

Da Kid was a supporting character in the 2013 action thriller “Force of Execution,” which also starred Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, and Ving Rhames.

He made an appearance in “Blood Brotha” four years later. Between 2017 and 2020, da Kid appeared in multiple episodes of the television series “Chase Street.”During that time, he also played an actor in the television movie “The Probe.”

“The death of a son is a sorrow that can never be replaced, but the memories of him will remain in our hearts and minds forever”

We at Medico Topics keep Gillie da Kid’s family and close friends in our prayers during this tragic time. May the family be surrounded by friends and family who can offer comfort in this time of sorrow.


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