How did Actress Gbemi Anjola die? Cancer battle and cause of death Explained

Gbemi Anjola death: How did the actress die? Cause of death explained

Nollywood has been thrown into mourning following the death of 33-year-old actress Gbemi Anjola. A rising star in the Nollywood industry, Gbemi Anjola, lost her battle with cancer and sadly passed away. Let’s See How did Actress Gbemi Anjola die and Gbemi Anjola Cause of death in detail. 


How did Actress Gbemi Anjola die?

Gbemi Anjola, a rising star in Nollywood, has passed away. The 33-year-old was reported to have died on March 24, 2023, after a prolonged fight with cancer.

After obtaining medical care in Dubai, Gbemi returned to Nigeria cancer-free. However, on Friday, March 25, 2023, she experienced memory loss and a headache and was sent to the hospital.

She was tragically declared dead by the on-call medical staff. Coworkers Itele and Zainab Balogun broke the devastating news of her passing, and they both posted tributes to her on their Instagram sites.

Nkechi Blessing, Kunle Afod, and Biodun Okeowo, among other Nollywood celebrities, expressed condolences in the comments section.


Gbemi Anjola Cause of Death

We regret having to let you know that Gbemi Anjola has passed away. Many thought Gbemi Anjola had a friendly personality. Given the recent news, many people must be interested in learning Gbemi Anjola cause of death.

According to information, Gbemi received a diagnosis for the condition in 2021. She had to travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for chemotherapy, which lasted for almost 6 months.

Gbemi finished her treatment and was able to return to Nigeria cancer-free, but sadly, a month ago she started having headaches and memory loss. She sought medical assistance, but on March 24, 2023, a severe headache forced her to be taken back to the hospital. She was tragically declared dead.

The fast-rising actress died on Friday, March 24, 2023, after a prolonged battle with ovarian cancer.

She had been complaining of headaches and memory loss, prompting her colleagues to take her to the hospital for medical attention. The doctors prescribed a glass and some drugs, which were estimated to cost N500,000. Her colleague offered to foot the bill, but unfortunately, Gbemi Anjola’s health deteriorated rapidly, and she passed away at the hospital where she was receiving treatment. The tragic news was shared by the late actor’s colleagues, Itele and Zainab Balogun who mourned her on their Instagram pages. Her death has thrown the Nigerian entertainment industry into mourning.

Gbemi Anjola death: How did the actress die? Cause of death explained

About Gbemi Anjola

Gbemi Anjola was a talented actress who had endeared herself to fans and colleagues in the movie industry. She was known for her ability to interpret roles with finesse and bring out the emotions of the characters she played on screen.

Her death has left her fans and colleagues devastated, with many taking to social media to express their condolences and pay tribute to her.

Gbemi is Always a happy soul. The actress was a prominent personality in the Yoruba film industry and was highly regarded among her peers. She was a talented and up-and-coming actress who had earned the admiration and love of many in the industry. Sadly, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and despite the efforts of her colleagues to raise funds for her treatment, she ultimately passed away.

“I Can’t Withstand This God”– Ibrahim Chatta Ex Wife Olayinka Solomon Reacts

Olayinka Solomon, a renowned Yoruba film actress, took to Instagram to announce the passing of her colleague, actress Gbemisola Anjola, who passed away in the early hours of Saturday. In her latest post, Solomon offered her condolences and expressed her hope that Anjola would rest in peace.

In a heartfelt statement on her Instagram page, the actress expressed her deep sorrow and shock at the passing of her colleague. She described Gbemi as a happy and joyful person, making the news of her death even more difficult to bear. The actress also prayed for Gbemi’s forgiveness during the holy month and expressed her condolences to Gbemi’s family and colleagues.

The loss of Gbemi is a significant one, and our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this difficult time. We pray that God grants her eternal rest and gives her loved ones the strength to cope with their irreparable loss.

Tributes to Gbemi Anjola

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him. The news of this occurrence has upset his supporters and fans.

Mo Bimpe Posted,

Actor Kolawole Ajeyemi,Itele, and another Nollywood actress Mourns As Actress Gbemisola Anjola Announced Dead, Dies of Ovarian Cancer

Precious Omo Posted,

When she needs help how many of u people help her but she’s dying now ur posting her God we punish some of u I really miss u gbemisola Dorcas but I still can believe ur gone.

Ogundeji Posted,

Some people just dey open their mouths and vomiting nonsense here. As if they’re living with them to know that they’re not helping him doing her sickness. Rip share Gbemi.


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