Fentanyl overdose tragedy: Melissa Bauman, 24 year-old dies tragically at rehab clinic in Riverside county

Melissa Bauman, 24, died after a fentanyl overdose while undergoing treatment in a Riverside rehab center. Her devastated family has already filed a lawsuit, alleging that the now-defunct facility violated proper protocol. Let’s see about it in detail.


Who was Melissa Bauman?

Melissa Bauman, 24, died after a fentanyl overdose while undergoing treatment in a Riverside rehab center. After Melissa Bauman, 24, was discovered dead from an accidental fentanyl overdose while checked into the Arlington Recovery Community and Sobering Clinic in Riverside, her mother filed a lawsuit.

Melissa Bauman, Karri Ryder’s daughter and middle child, is remembered for her loving, passionate, and caring qualities.

Ryder, fighting tears, told KTLA,

“Melissa, not like my other daughters, is just very dependent on me,” 

“She was still like my baby.” 


Fentanyl overdose tragedy:

The 24-year-old Melissa Bauman had been struggling with addiction for some time before being introduced to fentanyl. Her mother stated that her daughter did not want to be defined by her addiction and that she was ready to seek treatment and get clean.

Ryder stated that she took her daughter to the Arlington Recovery Community and Sobering Center in Riverside, which provided treatment for community members suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

Bauman died on July 26, and her death was ruled an accidental fentanyl overdose, according to Ryder.

Ryder said,

“My life shattered,” 

“I thought 100% that was the absolute safest place for her to be, and it ended up not being safe at all.”  



According to Riverside Police Department investigators, the county coroner determined Bauman died as a result of an accidental fentanyl overdose. The 24-year-old’s family has filed a civil lawsuit against Riverside County and MFI Recovery, the company contracted by the county to run the center, also known as the ARC. Elan Zektser, the family’s attorney, claims that MFI staff fabricated logs to show they were checking on the 24-year-old every half hour.

Zektser told KTLA,

“MFI’s sole job is to make sure that Melissa’s okay while she’s getting sober,” 

“I can say that there are multiple instances where they’re claiming to have gone and checked on Melissa just hours ago were lies. They didn’t go.” 

It’s unclear whether Bauman’s death was the main reason for the center’s closure, but her mother says she’ll keep fighting.

Ryder said,

I want justice for my daughter,”

“She deserved the treatment they allegedly offered. She deserved to be checked on every 30 minutes.”


License Terminated

According to Robert Youssef, a spokesperson for Riverside University Health System Behavioral Health, Cedar House Life Change Center, a nonprofit based in Bloomington, was awarded a contract to run the center in late December after the previous contract holders, MFI Recovery were fired earlier in the month. Cedar House will need a state license to operate the center, which could take up to 90 days, according to Youssef on Thursday, December 29. The center is still open to the public, according to Youssef, but the residential section is closed, with plans to reopen in January.

Arlington Recovery Community & Sobering Center, a 54-bed treatment center and a 15-bed sobering center that serves those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse, was closed on December 8.

Riverside County terminated its contract with MFI on December 8, months after Bauman’s death.

During a license check, the California Department of Health Care Services revoked MFI’s provisional license for “deficiencies,” according to Youssef. The allegations against MFI are currently confidential but will be made public once the Office of Administrative Hearings completes its investigation and any appeals are heard, according to Anthony Cava, a spokesperson for the California Department of Health Care Services, on December 16.



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