Father William Krizner death: Former Chaplain of Holly Name school, cause of death explained

William Krizner
William Krizner


William Krizner, a former Holy Name Chaplain, passed away on April 1, 2023. Let’s see how did the father die and his cause of death in detail.

How did William Krizner die?

Father Krizner, a longtime chaplain at Holy Name, passed away. The HolyName High School announced this sad news by releasing a statement that reads,

With great sadness in our hearts, we share the news that Fr. William Krizner, former Holy Name Chaplain, has passed away. Fr. Krizner served at Holy Name for more than 20 years, working with students from the late 1980s to the late 2000s. Even after he left Holy Name to become pastor at St. Colette in Brunswick, he continued to make an impact at Holy Name, hosting retreats at St. Colette and returning to campus to celebrate Mass.

Fr. Krizner will be dearly missed by the thousands of students, faculty and staff members, and parishioners he prayed for, counseled and ministered to during his more than 40 years as a priest. Funeral arrangements will be shared once available. Until then, please pray for Fr. Krizner, his family, and the many who called him a mentor and friend.”

Who was Fr William Krizner?

William Krizner was a former Chaplain of Holy Name. He also served as a pastor of St. Colette in Brunswick.

William’s influence persisted even after he was appointed priest of St. Colette in Brunswick. As a result, he was able to continue working at Holy Name even after relocating.

As a consequence, he was able to continue making valuable contributions to Holy Name in the same manner that he had previously. 

Fr. Krizner served as a priest for more than 40 years, praying for, advising, and ministering to countless numbers of parishioners.

He also extended the same courtesy to countless numbers of teachers, staff, and students. Overall, he lobbied and campaigned on behalf of these specific people. 

William Krizner cause of death:

Recently, Krizner became ill and the St. Colette community requested everyone to pray for him. Unfortunately, Krizner died yesterday.

The funeral arrangements will be published by his family in the near future. We request that you pray for Father Krizner, his family, and the many people who looked up to him as a guide and friend.

Please offer prayers for Father Krizner, his loved ones, and the many people who loved him. Leave your tributes in thee comment box.

He is remembered as a soft spoken man and considered to be a kindest person according to some of his friends. His friends says, Krizner’s sense of humor made him relatable to students and to everyone he met.

Tributes to William Krizner:

Brad Jasin commented,

Rest in peace Fr. Krizner. What a great man and Shepard to HN and St. Colette. He will be greatly missed by both communities!

Dana Paunescu McManus shared,

May he rest in peace and may his memory be a blessing to all who knew him. Fr. Krizner had a huge impact on my life and my faith journey.

Theresa Rooney Stauffer commented,

I am beyond sad about his passing. Fr. Krizner was a big reason I went to church.

Lisa Yako commented,

Such an amazing man and priest. RIP.

Mary Gurgol posted,

We are so sad to hear this news. We have been so blessed to have known Fr. Krizner and are grateful for the invaluable time he spent sharing his love of Christ with our children at Holy Name.


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