Does Putin have Parkinson disease? All the video footage

Does Putin have Parkinson disease

The appearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with his defense minister on Thursday has raised concerns about the leader’s health. Let’s see whats going on with him or as per the allegations does Putin have Parkinson disease.


What happened to Vladimir Putin?

Social media has been flooded with video and still images from Putin’s meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. While the Kremlin stated that the two met to discuss Russia’s military strategy in Mariupol, a strategic port city in Ukraine where Putin declared “success,” observers from afar have focused on how the president appeared.

Putin can be seen gripping the table between him and Shoigu and slouching in his chair in the images. Speculation quickly spread that he was in poor health, though rumors of the leader’s illness had previously surfaced in recent months. The Kremlin denied earlier this month that Putin had undergone thyroid cancer surgery, according to an online outlet. On April 1, the Moscow Times reported.

“Is it just me, or does Putin look less healthy and sound with each passing day of the war?” Illia Ponomarenko, a reporter for the Kyiv Independent website, tweeted. “There is a significant difference between now and late February.”

CNN contributor Frida Ghitis also noted Putin’s appearance

“Putin sank into his chair, gripping the table. Is he all right? Healthy?” Ghitis penned the piece.


Is Putin hiding his illness?

Louise Mensch, an author and former member of the United Kingdom Parliament, linked to an article she wrote last month in which she speculated that Putin was hiding an illness. Does Putin have Parkinson disease,

“PS: As I previously stated, Vladimir Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and here you can see him gripping the desk so that his shaking hand is hidden, but he cannot stop his leg from tapping,” she tweeted.


Anders Slund, a well-known economist and author, observed that both men in the meeting appeared ill.

“Putin’s meeting with Shoigu today demonstrates that he is both depressed and appears to be in poor health,” slund said. “Shoigu has to reread his comments to Putin and slurs, implying that the rumors of his heart attack are true. He sits awkwardly. Inadequate performance. It’s worth watching.”


Study of Putin’s health

Proekt, a Russian news outlet, published an investigative story on April 1 alleging that Putin is routinely seen by a team of doctors.

According to the website, two ear, nose, and throat specialists, as well as an oncology surgeon who specializes in thyroid cancer, have visited Putin regularly. According to Proekt’s report, Putin has also been using an alternative treatment that involves bathing in blood extract from severed deer antlers.

According to the Moscow Times, journalist Alexei Venediktov posted on his Telegram channel that he had questioned Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov about the cancer rumors.

“Fiction and untruth,” Peskov told Venediktov, prompting the journalist to specifically ask if Putin does not have cancer.

According to The Moscow Times, Peskov responded, “Correct.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry was contacted for comment by Newsweek.


Putin’s Righthand Mystery

You’ve probably seen a million videos of Russian President Vladimir Putin walking around. Have you ever noticed anything out of the ordinary? You may not have noticed it, but Vladimir Putin has a peculiar walking pattern.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that President Putin’s right arm is always locked while he walks. It stays perfectly straight in place while the left arm swings freely. Vladimir Putin’s unusual walking style has sparked a slew of theories, with some speculating that it is the result of a serious health problem.

Does Putin have Parkinson disease, Some speculate that the Russian President is suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the nerves and, as a result, the entire body.


Why does Putin keep his right hand locked while walking?

However, experts have now discovered the true reason for Putin’s walk. For starters, it has nothing to do with his health. Actually, it is Putin’s history that has assisted experts in unraveling the mystery surrounding Putin’s walk. Vladimir Putin spent 16 years as a KGB foreign intelligence officer, and the KGB manual describes the ideal way for a KGB officer to walk to handle weapons at any time.

Surprisingly, the KGB’s instructions exactly match the way President Putin walks, with the right arm rigid and the left swinging freely. So, Russia’s President does not have Parkinson’s disease; rather, it is a habit developed over years of training.



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