Dave Martell accident: Trombonist and Jazz instructor dies in a motorcycle accident

Dave Martell
Dave Martell passed away in an accident


Dave Martell, a Trombonist and Jazz instructor died in a motorcycle accident. Let’s see how did Dave die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Dave Martell die?

Dave Martell, a trombonist and LafSMW school band teacher, was killed in a motorbike accident. According to his brother, Mischelle Martell, Dave lost his life in an accident. 

His brother said, He loved to ride his motorcycle and had set off last Thursday on a much-needed vacation ride up the coast to Oregon.

This morning at 3:20 am, the police showed up at my door and informed me that Dave had been in a horrific solo-vehicle accident…and did not survive. My only solace is that he was doing what he loved at the time. He passed away in a solo-vehicle accident.

Bob Athayde, the director of Lafayette Summer Music Workshop, stated the following statement on the passing of Dave.

 “For me, and probably for you who knew him well, there is a huge void in my world. I am comforted by the many times that he made me laugh. Dave was an uplifting force whether teaching at the LafSMW or on the bandstand. I’m thinking positive thoughts for Dave’s family.”

Who was Dave Martell?

Dave Martell was a professional musician, and school band teacher for more than 35 years. He has shared the stage with artists like Jimmy Heath, Lou Rawls, Cab Calloway, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Johnny Mathis, Lou Rawls, Burt Bacharach, Pete Escovedo, and Earl Hines.

He has made recordings with the Asian American Orchestra, Wayne Wallace, Ray Brown’s Great Big Band, Dave Eshelman’s Jazz Garden Band, the Black Market Jazz Orchestra, and the Desolation Angels.

Dave earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Cal State University, Los Angeles, and an Associate of Arts in Music from Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, California.

He also holds a music teaching degree from Cal State East Bay. Dan Livesay and Roy Main both taught him. He has been a music instructor in the New Haven Unified School District for 27 years.

Dave Martell cause of death:

Dave Martell passed away in a motor vehicle accident. His family will provide all pertinent information about the obituary, funeral plans, and memorial services when the time is appropriate.

The family’s enduring love for Dave and their commitment to keeping his memory alive are proof of the significant contribution he made while he was with them. Let’s show unity by supporting one another while coming from a position of understanding and compassion.

Steve Snyder’s Big Band posted,

I just received tragic news moments ago. Dave Martell passed away yesterday. I met Dave in 1999 when we had the 1st Lafayette Summer Music Jazz Workshop. Dave was a pro and had played with so many other well known musicians, that when he could help me out, I considered it an honor to have him for a session. As humorous as we can be, he had the geatest sense of humor. I love you Dave maay you be at peace and your memory be a blessing.

If you knew Dave, pour your tribute in the comment box seen below.

Tributes pouring in for Dave Martell:

Kat Parra posted,

It’s been a minute since I posted anything. I was pretty devastated to hear of Dave Martell’s passing today and needed a creative outlet to work through my sadness. I decided to finally finish this piece I’ve been working on. RIP Dave.

Adam Noel posted,

I just learned of the passing of Dave Martell
What a genuinely cool guy. Great teacher, great musician… And awesome personality to boot! I will definitely miss him… 

Logan Band & Color Guard Alumni posted,

Incredibly sad news. Dave Martell was a close friend, incredible colleague, and very caring, talented special person. Tragic to have his life cut short. RIP

Joseph Ayers posted,

Sad and shocking news today as we lost a fine musician, a great teacher, and a good man. RIP Dave Martell

Brian Ho posted,

Saddened to hear of the passing of trombonist and educator, Dave Martell. I taught several jazz classes with him – combo and theory. He also recommended me to Bob Athayde which resulted in me teaching at Lafayette Summer Music Jazz Workshop. We also had this running joke about “miles” – “remember that time when we were on the road with Miles?” Rip Dave.

Albert Desrosiers posted,

I’m so lucky to say I have known some truly magnificent people.
Dave Martell was one of those people.
We toured Japan, played some strange gigs played in the same college jazz band, he was also a professional musician, school band teacher, bike riding bourbon drinking son of a bitch.
I’m so sorry he is gone.


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