Nezo B Stabbed to death: What happened to the Bongo Flava Musician? Explained

Nezo B death. (Source: Facebook)

The tragic news of Tanzanian musician Nezo B’s untimely demise has awakened the music community in East Africa today. Keep reading to know more about what happened to the Tanzanian musician Nezo B in detail.


Who was Nezo B?

Nezo B, real name Eric Adamu, was a well-known musician from Arusha, Tanzania, who was 32 years old. His Facebook page states that he attended Bishop Durning High School in Arusha.

Nezo B was a multi-talented artist who left behind an extensive catalogue of work, including songs like “Kosa Langu,” “Nimo,” “Yaga Yaga,” “Ofa Zingine,” and “Bata” ft. DJ Deal, and “Mpunguze,” among others.

Nezo B was working in the studio on new music projects at the time of his death. He had just published his debut album, titled “My Last Warrior.”

Nezo B began pursuing his music career in 2012 as a hip-hop musician but soon discovered that his audience preferred Afro-pop music to rap owing to developments in the Tanzanian music business.

He was forced to convert to Afro-pop as a result, and by 2018, he had established himself as one of Tanzania’s most talented musicians.

Nezo B was a well-known musician in Dar es Salam, Mwanza, Moshi, Singida, and other regions of Tanzania before he passed away. But his music had also become well-established in other East African nations including Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

He had collaborated with well-known musicians over the years, including Tundaman, Pnc, Maalim Nash, and Rasco Sembo.

In 2021, he signed a recording contract with Black Market Records after the label’s Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) recognized his extraordinary musical aptitude and hired him.


How did Nezo B die?

Herick Adam Lensiro aka Nezo B, a well-known Bongo Flava musician, passed away, leaving his fans in the Tanzanian city of Arusha in deep sorrow.

Nezo B, a Tanzanian singer and songwriter most known for his work with Bongo Flava, was reportedly killed in a cold-blooded murder.

The Black Market Records, with whom Nezo B worked, stated the tragedy and expressed their condolences on Facebook.

Black Market Afrika is a branch of Black Market Records, which was founded in Sacramento in 1989.

Following this tragic event, the management and employees of Black Market Records mourn with the family of the deceased and take this opportunity to offer their sincere condolences.


Nezo B Cause of death: What happened?

Nezo B, a well-known Bongo Flava singer and songwriter from Tanzania, was reportedly killed in a cold-blooded murder. He was allegedly stabbed by Blandina Fredrick, an Ilkirevi resident who is currently in police custody.

Nezo is claimed to have been killed by his female neighbour after failing to pay an electrical bill for KSh 58, which is equal to TZs 989.74 (Tanzanian shillings).

According to the information acquired, the deceased singer and the suspect Blandina Fredrick share a plot and agree to top up tokens simultaneously.

Nezo B’s failure to top up when it was his turn to do so infuriated the neighbour to the point where she picked up a knife and killed him.

Eyewitnesses claim that the verbal disagreement turned violent before the suspect reportedly stabbed Nezo B in the body.

An eyewitness said,

“The artiste and the suspect live in the same plot and take turns topping up the electricity tokens, so he failed to top up when it was his turn, leading to a disagreement.”

Many people found it difficult to comprehend that the quickly rising star gave his life to pay a small electrical bill.


Police Statement:

Nezo B died on Monday evening after being stabbed by a lady during a domestic dispute, according to early information from individuals close to the musician, even though the Tanzanian police have not yet released an official statement regarding his death.

There are currently few details on the domestic dispute and whether or not his live-in partner stabbed him, but they will be provided in the upcoming briefing.


Tributes to Nezo B

As word of his terrible passing spread online, admirers, contemporaries, and business leaders poured forth their sorrow and shock on social media sites.


People’s suspicion over the incident:

The incident created a heated debate about the woman’s actions. Even though those close to the musician Nezo B have confirmed his death, some people claim there must be another underlying problem that needs to be looked into. Some even wonder how an simple electricity bill can rise to the level of stabbing someone.

One wrote: “I don’t think its only about the bill, there has to be another underlying issue that needs to be investigated.”

Another said: “When, as a woman, you find yourself fighting a man know there is a big problem, because women were created to be humble. How does it get to the level of stabbing one?”

Since the suspect has already been taken into custody, we won’t know what happened until authorities tell us the information they have regarding the incident.

Authorities are currently looking into Nezo B ’s death circumstances, which are yet unclear. The news has obviously crushed Nezo B ’s family and friends, and the community has been horrified by the tragic loss.

We send our sympathies to Nezo B ’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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