Washington Avenue Shooting: Makao Moore killed, Who is the 17 YO suspect?

Makao Moore died in the shooting
Makao Moore was killed in the St. Louis shooting


Makao Moore, 17, was shot and died inside a building in downtown St. Louis, and nine other teenagers were also injured.

Police say they are looking for four suspects in connection with a shooting. Let’s see more about the Washington Avenue Shooting in detail.

Washington Avenue Shooting- Explained:

Makao Moore has died and 11 were injured in the shooting that occurred over the weekend in downtown St. Louis.

According to the police, the teens were at a party when the incident occurred. A large number of people were seen fleeing the building at 1409 Washington at about 1:00 AM by uniformed officers who were manning a fixed post diverting traffic at the junction of 14th and Washington.

Multiple calls regarding a shooting at a party on the fifth floor where multiple individuals had been shot came in as they were asking for further help.

Officers from District Four, the Summer Cruising Enforcement Detail, as well as numerous plain-clothes and uniformed detectives from other supporting units all responded to the scene.

According to preliminary research, a sizable social gathering took place on the fifth level of 1409 Washington, which is furnished as office space. The site contained numerous shell casings from various firearms.v

According to investigators, a shooting early on Sunday at a Washington Avenue office building left one youngster dead and ten others injured. 

It seemed to be a night of partying gone wrong. Later that morning, liquor bottles, cigar wrappers, gauze, and bloodstains covered the crime scene. A 17-year-old boy named Makao Moore died in the gunshots.

Who is the suspect?

One teenager, a 17-year-old black male, had been detained by police in the vicinity and was handed over to juvenile authorities. 

Robert Tracy, the commissioner of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police, named Makao Moore as the deceased. According to a spokeswoman, police have taken into custody a minor with a firearm as a person of interest.

The suspect was taken to the Juvenile Family Court. In response, the Homicide Division took over the continuing inquiry. Call the Homicide Division immediately at 314-444-5371 if you have any information, or call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS if you want to remain anonymous and are interested in a reward.

According to authorities, the age range of the shooting victims was between 15 and 19. They suffered injuries like multiple gunshot wounds. 

A 12th person was hurt at the party, but she was not shot. As she escaped, a 17-year-old girl was crushed, gravely hurting her spine, according to Tracy. The ground was covered with shell casings from various firearms, including AR-style rifles. 

On Tuesday, St. Louis police released security images of individuals they claim are suspects in a shooting assault.

Anyone with information is urged to phone CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477 or detectives at 314-444-5371. According to a preliminary inquiry, there was a sizable social gathering to which teens from the area were invited.

What happened to the teens?

Around one in the morning on Sunday, gunfire started when teenagers were having a party in an office setting.

The incident brought attention back to a downtown sector that has struggled in recent years with out-of-control parties in rented flats, drag racing, and violent disputes at nightclubs.

Eleven people in total, including the victim who is known as Victim 1, had evident gunshot wounds. Victim 2 sustained injuries from gunshots to his legs, groyne, and arm.

The third victim sustained a back injury from a bullet. Victim 4 has injuries from gunfire to his legs and left side. After receiving on-scene treatment from EMS for a potential graze wound to his face, victim 5 declined further care.

Victim 6 sustained injuries to her left leg from gunshots. Seventh victim had a gunshot wound to lower back.

Victim 8 seems to have sustained a grazing injury to her ankle. The left side of victim 9 seems to have been grazed. Victim 10 was shot in the right ankle, left knee, and right arm.

Despite not being hit by gunfire, victim 11 may have sustained a spinal cord damage as a result of being crushed by others fleeing the area. Victim 12 seems to have been shot in the right thigh.

Who are the victims?

About 12 victims were injured in the shooting incident. The details of those who injured are as follows:

  • Victim 1: 17-year-old Makao Moore (DECEASED)
  • Victim 2: 19-year-old Black Male
  • Victim 3: 19-year-old Black Male
  • Victim 4: 18-year-old Black Male
  • Victim 5: 17-year-old Black Male
  • Victim 6: 16-year-old Black Female
  • Victim 7: 16-year-old Black Female
  • Victim 8: 16-year-old Black Female
  • Victim 9: 15-year-old Black Male
  • Victim 10: 15-year-old Black Female
  • Victim 11: 17-year-old Black Female
  • Victim 12: 17-year-old Black Female

On Sunday, June 18, 2023, Mayor Tishaura O. Jones, in the middle, speaks at a press conference at the Wohl Recreation Centre regarding a shooting that left nine teenagers injured and one dead. It happened at a party in a building on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.

Robert Tracy, the chief of the St. Louis police, said at a news conference that despite the department’s efforts to focus patrols and put a stop to downtown mayhem, Sunday’s shooting was a setback.

For our region, this is yet another wake-up call, according to Mayor Tishaura O. Jones. At a party in a building on Washington Avenue in St. Louis, ten teenagers were shot; one of them died.

A handgun was discovered in the possession of the suspect, who was apprehended by plain clothes detectives who had responded to the site.

Numerous firearms, including AR type pistols and other handguns, were recovered at the scene.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 19 mass shootings reported in the US between Friday and Monday night. 

Call the Homicide Division immediately at 314-444-5371 if you have any information, or call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS if you want to remain anonymous and are interested in a reward.


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