Joanna Wisniowśka, a brave woman dies trying to save her son at Ballycroneen Beach, East Cork

 Joanna Wisniowśka, a brave woman dies trying to save her son at Ballycroneen Beach, East Cork

Tributes are paid to the brave mother who perished off a Cork beach while attempting to save her son. Joanna and her family were deeply routed in the East Cork community. Our deepest condolences to the family of Joanna Wisniowska, her children, and her partner. Keep reading to know what happened to her and Joanna Wisniowśka cause of death.

What happened to Joanna Wisniowśka?

A mother who heroically attempted to save her kid when he became distressed off a Cork beach before succumbing to her actions has been honored.

Despite an extensive air-search rescue operation being launched just minutes after the alarm was raised, Polish mother-of-two Joanna Wisniowska (34), perished following a tragedy off the Ballycroneen coast in east Cork on Sunday afternoon.

She had bravely jumped into the ocean to save her 10-year-old son, and she had just gotten him to some offshore rocks when she was carried away by a rip current.

When witnesses noticed an adult and child were in trouble in the sea on Sunday soon after 1 pm, they rushed to Ballycroneen Strand in east Cork with the help of the Garda, paramedics, and units of the Coast Guard and RNLI.

Although the east Cork coast is beautiful, it can be vulnerable to rip currents and heavy tides. It’s known that Joanna’s 10-year-old kid had trouble in the water.

She instantly stepped in to help him. Although the specifics of what transpired are unclear, it is known that Joanna guided her kid towards some rocks, where he was able to cling to them until help arrived.


Rescue efforts were made to save the victims, but were unsuccessful.

Tragically, Joanna was reportedly pulled out into deeper water in the channel by a rip current. Two RNLI units from Ballycotton and Crosshaven were called to the site after concerned bystanders raised the alarm.

The Sikorsky Rescue 117 helicopter of the Coast Guard was also dispatched, and it sped from Waterford to the area. Within minutes of the rescue services’ arrival, both victims were removed from the water.

While his mother was found by an RNLI vessel in deeper water, the small kid was plucked from the rocks by the Coast Guard helicopter crew.

Joanna Wisniowśka’s cause of death

When she was pulled from the water, she was unconscious. Both were transported right away for medical attention. The woman was transferred to Cork University Hospital (CUH) in critical condition after being landed at Ballycotton Pier and receiving emergency medical care.

Both received immediate medical care from paramedics who had already rushed to the scene. At CUH, the woman’s health was desperately tried to stabilize, but a short while later, she was declared dead.

The situation is being handled by the Garda as a terrible accident, and a file will be created for the Cork coroner. The 10-year-old youngster received treatment for shock as well as minor rock-related wounds like scratches and bruises.

The injuries sustained, though, are not life-threatening. The emergency reaction to the situation, according to the locals, was amazing. Within minutes of the alarm being raised, various authorities deployed units.

It was noted as having highly humid weather at the time, with sporadic thundershowers and sunny spots. In east Cork, close to Ballycotton, Cloyne, and Shanagarry, lies a place called Ballycroneen.

Garryvoe strand, which is located further east, attracts the majority of day visitors and tourists, whilst Ballycroneen is primarily used by locals because it is typically a much quieter beach.

However, the waters off Ballycroneen can experience very high tides and currents due to its location directly to the east of the entrance to Cork Port. Strong and dangerous rip currents offshore are a specific feature of the strand.

Who was Joanna Wisniowska?

Joanna had been living in Cloyne in east Cork with her husband and two children for several years. She was originally from Strzyzow in Poland, which is located in the Carpathian region to the east of Krakow.

She had previously worked at Castlemartyr Resort and was working in the travel and hospitality sector. Joanna held a license to practice massage therapy. The family was quite active in the neighborhood and loved participating in water sports.

Locals in Cloyne described her as friendly, calm, diligent, and completely committed to her family. The courageous mother received a devastating tribute from East Ferry Rowing Club.

East Ferry Rowing Club said,

“It was with shock and great sadness that we learned today of the tragic passing of Joanna Wisniowśka,” a club official said. “We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Maciej, her partner, Stanisław, her son, Zofia, her daughter, and all extended family and friends.” “Maciej and Stanisław are both rowers with East Ferry Rowing Club.”

Councillor Michael Hegarty said,

People locally were deeply upset by the death of the heroic mother. “I cannot say how saddened the whole community is by all of this,” he said. “Certainly, a very, very dark cloud has descended on the area but there is very good support out there for the family involved. We all will assist and do our utmost for them.”

East Cork TD Pat Buckley said,

The entire community was deeply shocked by the sheer scale of the tragedy. “It was such a tragic loss of life this weekend in east Cork,” he said. “That young fella was rowing yesterday morning with East Ferry Rowing Club in a regatta. They probably went off (to the beach) celebrating. Ballycroneen is a beautiful beach but there can be riptides there. “It is absolutely devastating for the family but it is devastating for the club as well. The young fella and the young girl rowed with the club so they were all well known. The rowing club is a huge community in itself.

The family had spent several years residing in Cloyne. The details of the funeral service will be released soon.


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