Darryl Getman and Sharon Getman died: What happened to the Mount Dora couple? Explained


Darryl Getman and Sharon Getman died: What happened to the Mount Dora couple? Explained

A woman is being held in connection with the slaying of a retired Mount Dora couple. Learn more about Darryl Getman and Sharon Getman murder case and What happened to the Mount Dora couple in detail.


Darryl Getman and Sharon Getman murder case: Explained

After an elderly couple was found murdered in what police described as a “random, mindless, and cruel” murder, a person of interest has been apprehended.

Darryl and Sharon Getman were discovered dead on Saturday in their house in Mount Dora’s Waterman Village, according to Chief Michael Gibson, quoted by WFTV.

A suspect in the case is being held off-state, according to Gibson’s statement on Tuesday. He said the woman had been detained after allegedly taking the Getmans’ automobile and being charged with grand theft.

However, no murder charges have been brought yet, according to the police, who indicated that the extradition procedure to return the woman to Florida is in progress. Her identity is still unknown.

Who was Darryl & Sharon Getman?

He served with the Army Core of Engineers at NASA and continued with a career designing paper-making machinery which brought him to England and included work in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. He was married to dear sweet Sharon for 58 years. They retired to Mount Dora in 1995.

“They were enjoying their “golden years” of retirement, as you can see from the picture, which I suppose is something we all kind of look forward to. However, in this instance, a brutal and senseless double homicide sadly ended the “golden years” of Darryl and Sharon “stated.

What happened to the couple?

Gibson stated at a press conference that on Friday afternoon, security once again took the involved woman off the Waterman Village grounds. He claimed that later that evening, the same woman knocked on the door of a resident of the senior living facility and asked to use the bathroom. The victim then allegedly pressed her alarm button.

Police were unable to find the woman when they arrived on the scene. He claimed that according to the investigation, the woman got onto the property through a fence gap.

Gibson claimed that the Getmans’ vehicle was visible leaving the neighborhood on security camera footage three hours later, early on Saturday morning.

When neighbors called to report that the Getmans’ garage door was left open on Saturday, according to Gibson, police were sent to the complex. That’s when investigators discovered the Getmans inside their residence.

He added that investigators think the killing was random and that the victim had no known connections to the couple or Mount Dora and was merely passing through Central Florida. Within the following few days, further information will be made available, including the identification of the person of interest.

Interim police chief Mike Gibson’s Statement:

A person of interest who may be connected to the deaths of Darryl and Sharon Getman, who were discovered dead last weekend at their home in the gated retirement community of Waterman Village, has been taken into custody.

“They were taking advantage of their “golden years” of retirement, which I believe we all kind of anticipate. However, in this instance, a brutal and callous double homicide sadly ended the “golden years” of Darryl and Sharon, “Gibson said.

Gibson did not identify the accused person of interest despite being “confident” in the probe, citing the ongoing inquiry and the necessity for further judicial procedures. He did, however, provide some other information.

Who is the suspect?

Police claim that the woman suspected of being involved in the killings is unrelated to Mount Dora or the deceased couple. Her identity has not yet been made public.

The day before Sharon and Darryl Getman was assassinated, a person of interest was led out of the gated Waterman Village Senior Living Community, according to a timetable published by interim police chief Michael Gibson.

The woman in arrest, who was “dressed in a specific way,” was allegedly led by security off the Waterman property on Friday, December 30 at around 3 p.m.

Suspect’s Motive

She was seen wearing the same attire more than an hour later on a surveillance camera on Lake Margaret Circle, which Gibson described as “quite distinctive.”

She reportedly arrived back at the complex just before 11 p.m., knocked on a resident’s door, and requested permission to use the bathroom.

According to authorities, the renter panicked and pressed her emergency alarm button. When that happened, the person of interest fled, but not before snatching a set of keys for a car and a mailbox that were located close to the apartment’s front door.

Security and police were called, and they searched the area but found nothing. According to the police, the woman knocked on several doors to request entry.

“There was a lone woman there who claimed she needed some assistance. Well, what do you need, I replied. I lost my house key and my auto keys, the woman admitted. My phone needs to be charged, and I have to call my hubby. Can I use this space to charge my phone?”

He told her she was acting strangely and refused to let her in. When a resident told authorities that the Getmans’ garage door had been opened, an investigation was launched. Around two in the morning on Saturday, the Getmans’ car was allegedly caught on camera leaving the property.

After the couple’s demise was discovered, police officers went to the complex later that day. Although the authorities had previously referred to the incident as “heinous,” the manner of death was not immediately disclosed.



A more thorough timeline of the alleged interactions between the woman and the residents and security at the retirement community was also made public by Mount Dora Interim Police Chief Gibson.

Dec. 30, 2022

  • A female wearing “very distinctive” clothing was led away from the premises by security at 3 p.m. The police have not gone into further detail.
  • 4:14 PM – A surveillance video reveals the woman nearby once more.
  • 10:58 p.m. – Reentering the building, the woman knocks on an apartment’s door. She enquires about taking a shower from the tenant. The woman fled after the scared tenant set off an emergency alarm. Interim Police Chief Mike Gibson said the lady was able to take a set of auto keys and a key to a mailbox as she fled.

Dec. 31, 2022

  • A Getman family vehicle is seen departing the retirement community at 2:02 in the morning.
  • The woman returns to the premises at about 2:12 p.m., but security stops her. Security pursues her as she exits the building.
  • A resident phoned the police at 4 p.m. because they were concerned that the Getman’s garage was left unlocked. When the police arrived, they found the couple dead.
  • Gibson said that homicide was the cause of their demise. When the two people died, how they died, and what evidence, if any, was discovered in the car have not been disclosed by Mount Dora police.
  • When asked why he wasn’t providing those specifics, Interim Police Chief Gibson likened it to a 3,000-piece puzzle with the corners and sides completed but the middle still unfinished.




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