Watch video of a gunman shooting at people at Copenhagen shopping mall

Watch video of a gunman shooting at people at Copenhagen shopping mall

A number of people were shot at a Copenhagen shopping center, one of the biggest in Scandinavia, according to Danish police on Sunday. Let’s see what happened who is the suspect and the video clips Copenhagen shopping mall Shooting.



Update from Danish police from a (live press interview) []

  • Several people have been wounded
  • Several have been killed
  • A massive operation is ongoing throughout the entirety of the Zealand area
  • Police can neither confirm nor deny that this is an act of terror


What happened in the Copenhagen shopping mall?

According to Copenhagen police, one suspect has been arrested in relation to the shooting at the nearby Field’s shopping mall. Police just mentioned that “many persons had been struck” in a tweet; no additional information was provided.

Copenhagen shopping mall Shooting Video,








He is yelling “just kill me” and “it’s not real”.

He is a 22-year-old Dane (most likely mentally ill).

The man filming was looking for his daughter and wasn’t scared at the moment (the video is zoomed in. He was standing far away from him).

Afterward, he showed the recording to the police who helped catch him. A true hero.

As a side note, the man filming was a middle eastern guy, and it doesn’t seem like the gunman is eager to shoot him, so this doesn’t point to a right-wing gunman extremist. Also, witnesses report him just shooting randomly into crowds. More like a mentally unstable person.

Yesterday he shared a couple of videoes on social medias saying drugs used for schizophrenia etc. doesn’t work. In the videoes he pointed a rifle and a gun at his head. Clearly mentally ill.

The person who took the video

The man seems out of balance, to say the least. The person who filmed the perpetrator is on TV2 News now.

He was looking for his daughter and was therefore not afraid at the moment. At the he found her daughter, Both are safe. He was interviewed afterwards on national TV in Denmark.

It was on the basis of his recording that he showed to the police that the police identified the perpetrator and arrested him. He is a hero.

Type of used gun,

It looks to be a legally acquired rifle, a bolt action in 6.5x55mm Swedish, with a 5-shot magazine. To buy such a rifle you must be a member of a gun club and pass a police background check. Very common rifle among sports shooters in Denmark.

More about Copenhagen shopping mall Shooting Video is being added.


How many were injured?

‘Terrible reports of a gunshot in Fields,’ said Copenhagen mayor Sophie H. Andersen on Twitter. Although we are unsure exactly how many people died or were injured, the situation is grave. People were seen leaving the mall in pictures taken at the site, and the Danish TV2 station shared a picture of a guy being carried on a stretcher. Witnesses reported seeing people crying and hiding in stores.

Laurits Hermansen said to the Danish television station DR that he and his family were at a clothes store at the shopping mall when they heard “three to four bangs. thunderous bangs. The rounds appeared to have been fired close to the store. According to police, the gunshot was originally reported to them at 5:36 p.m. (1536 GMT; 11:36 a.m. EDT). There was a huge group of highly armed police officers there, and there were also a number of fire department cars positioned outside the mall.


Who is the suspect?

“In relation to the shooting at Fields, one suspect has been detained. The individual in question is temporarily off-limits, the Copenhagen police tweeted. “We are attempting to obtain an overview while having a significant presence at Fields.” The shopping center is located outside of Copenhagen and next to a metro line that runs from the city’s core to the airport. A significant roadway is also right next to Fields, which opened in 2004.


Harry styles concert

At 8:00 p.m. (1800 GMT; 2:00 p.m. EDT), Harry Styles, a former member of One Direction, was due to perform at the adjacent Royal Arena. It wasn’t certain if the concert would go on.

Styles posted on Snapchat, “My team and I pray for everyone involved in the incident in the mall in Copenhagen. I’m stunned. Love H.” The royal palace announced shortly after the shooting that a reception with Crown Prince Frederik related to the Tour de France cycling competition had been postponed. This year’s first three stages of the race were staged in Denmark, according to a statement from the palace. In Soenderborg, where the third stage ended, where the royal yacht is docked, the reception was scheduled to take place.



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