Clifford Barrino, Monroe man killed in an accident on U.S. 74 in Monroe, NC

_Clifford Barrino, Monroe man killed in an accident

The Monroe Community are mourning the death of their beloved member who passed away in an accident on U.S. 74 in Monroe, NC. Clifford Barrino, from Monroe, North Carolina, perished in a horrific incident, leaving his family and friends in grief.

Barrino’s family, friends, and neighborhood have been posting on social media about their sorrow and requesting prayers for him. The tragic news shakes the family of Clifford Barrino breaking their hearts. And police are looking into the incident. 

Clifford Barrino passed away in an accident 

As per the reports, it was confirmed that Clifford Barrino, a Monroe man killed in an accident that happened this morning. In an accident on U.S. 74, Clifford was hit, and the individual who hit him fled the scene. Clifford was eventually declared dead on the spot.

At this moment, details about the accident’s specific circumstances are few. The incident is being investigated intensively by police authorities contributing to circumstances. We want Clifford Barrino’s family and friends to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Moreover, losing a loved one in such a sad and unexpected manner is a huge shock that affects everyone concerned. We understand the anguish and sadness that comes with such a life-altering loss. Let’s offer prayers for his family.

The following comment was written by Alisa Stewart, Barrino’s family member in response to the news of his passing.

It was hard for me to break the news to my mama this morning 😭 The man that was killed in Monroe yesterday is my mama and aunt first cousin….my grandpa nephew…please keep the entire Barrino family in prayers please as we deal with this difficult loss 💔 Barrino Prince Sharon Barrino Lockhart -RIP Cuzo Clifford Barrino

We should pray for his family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please feel free to drop condolences to Clifford Barrino by leaving a note below on the comments section below.


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