Callum Tonge death: 19 year-old, Glenrothes teenager dies after falling from Glenrothes bridge

Callum Tonge died.
Callum Tonge died.


Callum Tonge passed away in the hospital after falling from the White Bridge in Glenrothes. The unfortunate passing of Callum Tonge serves as a powerful reminder of how short life is. The unexpected death of Callum Tonge has left a void in the hearts of his loved ones and friends. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Callum Tonge death: What happened?

On Tuesday morning, police were alerted to the area after learning that Callum Tonge, 19, was on the Glenrothes bridge.

The man argued with cops for six hours before falling from the bridge.

For more than six hours, the River Leven crossing was closed. Just after midnight on Tuesday, the incident was reported to emergency services.

Shortly about 6 a.m., the man fell off the bridge.

He was transported by ambulance to Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital. His condition was described by medical personnel as serious, however he later passed away from his wounds.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said:

“Just after midnight on Tuesday, police were called to the White Bridge, over the B969, Leslie Roundabout, following a concern-for-person incident.

“At around 6.05am a 19-year-old man fell from the bridge. He was taken by ambulance to Ninewells Hospital.

“He died as a result of his injuries later on the same day.

“There are no suspicious circumstances and a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

According to the police, the bridge over the River Leven has since been reopened.


Did he went missing before?

In September 2021, Callum Tonge went missing.

Callum Tonge was reported missing after failing to arrive back in the Fife town of Glenrothes. He was the target of a manhunt by Police Scotland, which lasted three days.

After three days, Callum was found, and it was thought that he was with a 16-year-old North Lanarkshire girl.

The police withheld the details of how he was located and why he went missing.


Why did Callum Tonge commit suicide?

Callum Tonge killed himself by jumping off the Glenrothes Bridge.

His final words were on Facebook just before he passed away,

“Yeah, I think it’s time.”

He has recently shared posts and memes on mental health, indicating that he hasn’t been feeling well.

Additionally, Callum’s mother Leanne Tonge noted that he had a very troubled life and had lost his baby girl Ava the previous year.

His Mother wrote:

“Before rumours get put out there….

Some of you may already know that our oldest son Callum attempted to take his own life this morning.

Unfortunately his injuries were far too severe from jumping from a bridge that despite Ninewells hospital doing all they could have done there was nothing else they could do.

We as a family are trying to process this and are in complete shock. Callum had a very troubled life and suffered the loss of his own baby girl Ava last year. This world just became to much for him to bare and sadly he didn’t reach out for help. This has hit our family hard as you can imagine.

We hope you find eternal peace son 💔

She said that, regrettably, he didn’t ask for assistance since the world had simply grown too much for him to bear.

In a moving Facebook post, Callum’s ex-wife Samantha Smart wished that he would have reached out and got the support he needed. She expressed her sadness at his passing and wishes he was in heaven taking care of their infant daughter Ava.

She wrote,

Before I start I know we weren’t on good terms but callum sadly took his own li*e this morning and the ambulance just couldn’t save him due to his injuries rip Callum your finally at piece with Ava and baby t you just couldn’t take anymore of this cruel world I just wish you reached out and got the help you needed still after everything it’s still hard knowing your gone it hurts look after Ava love you rip Callum forever 19💔😭

He deserved far more than what the world was to him because he had such a pure soul. He was a kind man who struggled with his own thoughts. Everyone who loved Callum Tonge will always have fond memories of him.

The news of Callum’s passing has understandably devastated his family and friends, and condolences have poured in from all over the neighborhood. Many people have expressed their sympathies and offered support to Callum’s loved ones on social media during this difficult period.


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