Jim Scoutten death: Shooting USA legend passed away unexpectedly, cause of death and obituary

Jim Scoutten cause of death.
Jim Scoutten cause of death.


At the age of 77, Jim Scoutten, the renowned co-host and executive producer of Jim Scoutten’s Shooting USA, unexpectedly passed away, leaving the shooting sports community in shock. Jim Scoutten was regarded as having a friendly personality. Many people must be curious to know the Jim Scoutten cause of death in light of the recent news. Keep reading to know more about Jim Scoutten and his cause of death in detail.


Who was Jim Scoutten?

Jim Scoutten was a well-known and esteemed name in the world of shooting sports. He was born in 1945, and the role of co-host of the well-liked Outdoor Channel television show “Shooting USA” is what made him most famous.

Throughout his distinguished career, which lasted more than three decades, Jim was instrumental in covering and promoting several shooting sports disciplines. He became a beloved and respected figure among shooting enthusiasts throughout America thanks to his passion for weapons, extensive knowledge of the industry, and unshakable dedication to journalistic honesty.

Jim began his career as a mainstream journalist, working in television news in several cities across the United States, before becoming famous in the world of shooting sports.

Initially a reporter for All News Radio, Scoutten began her career as a general news reporter. After graduating from broadcasting school, Scoutten started his career working in television news, holding positions as a reporter, anchor, producer, and news director in numerous U.S. cities.

As a Special Interest Reporter in the early 1990s, Scoutten covered subjects including motorsports before occasionally covering shooting sports.

In 1993, Scoutten was allowed to produce the American Shooter television program, which he did for more than ten years while working in a field and covering a subject that he was passionate about as a supporter of the Second Amendment and the firearms industry.

As a result of his leadership, the American Shooter TV program amassed more than a million fans nationally and became the highest-rated outdoor television program in history.

About Shooting USA:

With his oldest son John, Scoutten has co-hosted the shows Shooting USA and Sighting In with Shooting USA in recent years. Both of these series can be seen on Outdoor Channel and have complete seasons on My Outdoor TV.

The entire spectrum of shooting disciplines, including Cowboy Action Shooting, muzzleloading, shotgun trap and sporting clays, long-range rifle shooting, and quick-draw contests, were covered in Scoutten’s Shooting USA episodes, a weekly program that aired over the entire year.

The history of various guns, news about the firearms industry, and new goods were all fair game on each week’s shows. Before his passing, Scoutten was one of the sport’s most recognizable faces and reliable voices after hosting shooting sports and guns industry television programming for around three decades.

After 25 years of filming sports broadcasting and being a part of thousands of shows throughout the course of his remarkable career, Scoutten was inducted into Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in 2018.

The next year, his son John, a veteran TV personality and producer in his own right who competes in shooting, was given the same honor as his father.


How did Jim Scoutten die?

Jim Scoutten, a prominent executive producer and managing partner of Shooting USA, suddenly passed away on Tuesday morning, July 18, 2023, leaving the shooting sports community in deep sorrow.

All who knew and adored the 77-year-old icon will feel a void in their hearts in his absence. He was accompanied by family and friends when he was declared dead.

The heartbreaking information was shared on Jim Scoutten’s official Shooting USA Facebook page.

It read,

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jim Scoutten.

In his thirty years of reporting the shooting sports, Jim played a pivotal role in the industry and will be greatly missed.

In many ways, Scoutten was a celebrity to the audience as well, but he never compromised his journalistic ethics to enhance any such reputation.

Throughout his professional life, Scoutten, a fervent supporter of guns and shooting sports, didn’t shy away from debating hot-button issues and provided logical solutions to issues troubling America.

He gave his opinions on preventing school shootings during an appearance on The Revolution Outside radio show last summer. He recommended realistic violence response training for staff and teachers as an important and life-saving step for school districts nationally, rather than the fast fix sought by politicians looking for votes.

His love of guns, in-depth understanding of shooting sports, and unshakable commitment to journalistic honesty made him a beloved figure among gun fans across America.

Jim Scoutten leaves behind an immeasurable legacy in the weapons industry, and future generations will remember his contribution.


Jim Scoutten cause of death

Jim Scoutten’s well-wishers had expressed concern about his health before his unexpected death.

His passing shocked the shooting world, which held him in high regard for his enormous contributions to the field.

The cause of Jim Scoutten’s death is still unknown as of the writing of this article. Scoutten continued to be active and enthusiastic in his chosen field of work until the very end, serving as an example and an acknowledged leader among his peers and coworkers.

While the shooting sports community and the gun business attempt to process the terrible news of his loss today, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to recall the happy smile and the words Scoutten shouted into the TV cameras so frequently over his career:

“As always, shoot safely, shoot often, and keep ’em in the 10 ring.”

Even though the specifics of his passing are yet unknown, the shooting sports community, his friends, relatives, and family are all devastated by his passing. During this difficult period, respect is still being paid to Jim Scoutten’s legacy as an enthusiastic promoter of shooting sports and his unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity.


Tributes to Jim Scoutten

The passing of Jim Scoutten has sparked an outpouring of sympathy for the Scoutten family from the shooting sports community and beyond.

Sportsperson Julie Golob wrote: “You know days like this will come, but that doesn’t mean it makes it easier. The shooting world has lost an icon and my heart aches for loved ones and crew. I grew up with Jim Scoutten’s unmistakable voice narrating the stories and action of the shooting sports. I was star struck to meet him and later floored and honored to work with him through Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots and Jim Scoutten’s Shooting USA. Thank you for all the tips and advice, laughs, birthday celebrations, and your unwavering dedication to 2A, Jim. I will miss our chats and selfie snaps. Please say hi to Dad for me. He’s always been a huge fan too. May you rest in peace knowing so many are grateful for you. #legacy”

Sportsperson Todd Jarret wrote: “It’s a sad day to hear my good friend and industry partner, Jim Scoutten, has passed. For nearly 25 years I was privileged to travel the country for Jim Scoutten’s Shooting USA and Impossible Shots. Jim taught me so much about standing behind the camera. There was no one in the business who had a better voice that stood out than Jim Scoutten. Sorry for the family’s loss of an icon and to all the employees who have been with Jim over the years. John Scoutten.”



One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends.

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