Jamaica Plain shooting: Dante Webb, Massachusetts, Boston man died after fatal shooting


 Dante Webb, Massachusetts, Boston man died in Jamaica Plain shooting.
Dante Webb, Massachusetts, Boston man died in Jamaica Plain shooting. (Credit: Facebook)


In Jamaica Plain, Boston, a man is shot and killed; the shooter is being sought by police. Our inquiry led us to the conclusion that Dante Webb, a Boston, Massachusetts resident, was the terrible shooting victim.

The incident’s circumstances are still being investigated. Loved ones, friends, and the neighborhood have all been adversely affected by his demise.

Friends, relatives, and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him will miss Webb deeply. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dante Webb’s family during this terrible time.

Read ahead to learn more about the Jamaica Plain shooting and what happened to the victim Dante Webb.

Jamaica Plain shooting

BOSTON Police reported that a man passed away on Tuesday following a shooting and car accident in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

Just after 1:30 in the morning, a shooting took place near 159 Forest Hills St. The victim was discovered by police with gunshot wounds.

According to city police, a person was shot and died overnight in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. Six bullets were heard, according to witnesses, and then a crash.

The driver of a white car that had crashed into numerous parked cars is shown on cell phone footage being assisted out of the car by helpful bystanders.

Bystander Marvin Lane stated,

“His leg got caught, and we tried to get him out of the automobile. Bystander Marvin Lane stated, “Once we squatted down and saw his leg, we grabbed him and yanked it out. “At the time, only his face was covered in blood… I was completely unaware that the man had been shot.

There have been no arrests made. Call the Boston Police Department at 617-343-4470 if you have any information about the shooting.

What happened to Dante Webb?

Dante Webb passed away after being shot and murdered in the Massachusetts city of Boston. The Boston Police Department is looking into the incident that led to his death as a murder.

He was brought to the hospital following the shooting in Boston, where he was later declared dead. Dante Webb, Massachusetts, Boston man was the dead victim.

We learned about the victim via the messages posted by his family members on social media. There is currently no information available beyond that.

Read one of his family member’s statements below: Esa Hearns acknowledged in a Facebook post that he passed away in the wee hours of the morning after being shot in Boston. 

Esa Hearns posted, Dante Webb, rest in peace I spent LAST night at the hospital, BWH.”I SAT OUTSIDE I COULDNT MOVE I COULD NOT BREATHE I FELT ALL THE PAIN RIP TO THAT MAN DANTE WEBB if y’all know him please send prayers out to the family I was there I felt their pain this s*** was no good so sorry that the world is the way it is no one deserves to lose a loved one like that girl just kept saying I just talked to him at 1:35 I just talked to him I felt so bad for her I WISH TRIPLE PAIN TO ALL GUNMEN MY CONDOLENCES TO HIS FAMILY I WAS HURTING WITH YALL.”

At this moment, details about the accident’s specific circumstances are few. The incident is being investigated intensively by police authorities contributing to circumstances.

We want Dante Webb’s family and friends to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Also, we understand the anguish and sadness that comes with such a life-altering loss, and we send our sincere sympathies and unwavering support.

May his family and friends find solace in the lovely memories they shared with him. May the love and support of people around them give them the courage they require now.

Read some social media condolence messages from Dante Webb’s loved ones

Love Lewis

Heartbroken once again… Dante Webb We’ve been friends since elementary and it hurts to have to say rest easy due to violence. You’ve endured so much and stayed on top. My condolences to the Webb family and all the friends that you made your family. #painfree.

Bianca Falaise RN

It’s clique to just post your pic and say R.I.P. You deserve more than that! I’m in total diss belief. I’m heartbroken. This can’t be true!! Moreover, I wish I could tell God to wait, not him, not yet, but God is bigger than us, and he makes no mistakes. You are my aggy best male friend, and I’m already missing you a trillion. You will never be forgotten. I LOVE YA  Dante Webb.

Shaquera Story

Dante Webb Cuddy, we just ran into each other a week ago and you were your usual self. Making jokes, reminded me to be safe out here, and we went our separate ways. Also, to learn of your passing is devastating. I NEVER EVER SAW YOU IN ANY ENERGIES BUT OF GOOD SPIRIT AND WANTING YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU TO SMILE AND HAVE FUN. 

GeeGee Harrell

R.I.P Dante Webb this is heartbreaking. My neighbor, my Mama loved her some “Don”. Praying for the entire Webb family, Mora Street family, and all affected by this tragic loss. Sleep peacefully, Dante. Gone but never ever will be forgotten 

We should pray for his family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please feel free to pay respects to Dante Webb by leaving a note below.


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