Cairo Winitana, a 8 year-old sydney boy dies after being electrocuted at Fiji restaurant

While on vacation in Fiji, eight-year-old Australian kid Cairo Winitana reportedly died from electrocution. Let’s see What happened to Cairo Winitana in detail.


What happened to Cairo Winitana?

According to Fiji authorities, the eight-year-old Sydney kid who was discovered dead at a resort in that country is believed to have died from electrocution. Cairo Winitana, the kid, has been identified as he was on vacation with his family on the west coast of Fiji’s main island.

Last Thursday, 8-year-old Cairo Winitana was on vacation with his family when he was discovered “motionless” close to a hotel garden. Cairo, a New Zealander, was transported to Nadi Hospital, where a staff nurse declared him dead. This is confirmed by the Fiji Police.

Fiji police said,

“Initial information gathered is that the child was allegedly electrocuted however the post-mortem will have to confirm that.”

Ms. de Thierry, who is devastated by the loss of her darling son, also posted an emotional tribute to him on social media.

“I loved you my son, from the moment I found out I was carrying you and will love you forever more my beautiful blue eyes.”

Thomas Meier revealed in an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph that he discovered young Cairo Winitana, his uncle Juan Rodas, and his cousin Jeremy Rodas unconscious in a garden bed on the premises of the Club Wyndham Denarau Island resort. He informed the newspaper that he thought the boy had suffered a fatal injury while playing with frogs close to a bolt that was screwed into the ground and carrying a live current.

Mr Meier, 24, said,

“As we were walking through the gardens we just saw this boy face down in the garden,” 

“My uncle went up to him and we were trying to tap him on the shoulder to see if he was responsive and he wasn’t moving.”

He related how his uncle helped Cairo and got shocked by electricity before onlookers came into full action. Other vacationers immediately found the mother, Amber de Thierry, who Mr. Meier described as being in great distress.

He said,

“Eventually the mum turned up and she was screaming, crying, calling out to her son Cairo. She had one of her relatives hugging her,” 

“We were all just sitting around hoping this little boy is going to wake up after a couple of shots of this defibrillator.”

A resort representative called the death a “tragic accident” and offered the family “heartfelt condolences.” According to the resort’s spokeswoman, a thorough investigation would be conducted, and it would completely collaborate with the police and local authorities. Denarau Island, which is located around 5 km (3.1 miles) northwest of Nadi, Fiji’s third-largest city, is renowned for its opulent resorts and hotels.


GoFundMe Page

A GoFundMe campaign has been created by Cairo’s extended family to cover the cost of travel and the funeral service.

Family member Glenys Wana posted,

“Our beautiful little boy Cairo … loving Son of Amber and Clarke, passed away in a tragic accident whilst on holidays in Fiji,” 

“They now have the heartbreaking job of bringing their son home from Fiji and laying him to rest at home in Australia.

We humbly invite you to offer support for both Amber and Clarke as they navigate through this unimaginable nightmare they are now forced to live with. We all know Clarke and Amber to be the most loving, kind hearted and genuine people.”

The Milperra Colts, a junior rugby league team in south-west Sydney that serves the Canterbury and Bankstown areas, have described Cairo as a “shy, tough little lad who loved his footy.”

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