Who is Brooks Houck? Main Suspect of Crystal Rogers disappearance Explained

Brooks Houck

Brook Houck is the main suspect in Rogers’ case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is back in Bardstown continuing an investigation into Crystal Rogers’ disappearance. Let’s see who is the suspect in Roger’s missing case and who is Brooks Houck in detail.

The FBI in Louisville tweeted on Monday morning that the property at 345 Paschal Ballard Lane is the subject of a legally sanctioned inquiry. Seven years have passed since Rogers vanished and seven years have passed since the case’s primary suspect Brooks Houck was identified.

Who is Brooks Houck?

Brooks Houck is the boyfriend of Rogers and they share a baby. Brooks Houck was publicly identified by the former Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly as the prime suspect in her 2015 disappearance. When the inquiry was ongoing, his brother Nick Houck, a Bardstown police officer, was suspended, according to the then-chief Rick McCubbin. Both have not been arrested or accused in relation to this investigation.

It’s been seven years since Crystal Rogers went missing. Her family has struggled, prayed, and searched for answers for seven years. Roger’s boyfriend Brooks Houck has been the only person ever cited as a suspect since the mother of five missing. He has not been put on trial.

How did Rogers disappear?

Rogers was reported missing over the 2015 Fourth of July weekend. After her family went days without hearing from her or seeing her. Her relatives claimed that Rogers’ cousin observed her leaving a Walmart in Nelson County after which she spent the night with Brooks Houck, who was her former bf.

Brook Houck informed the police that they had been feeding the cows at his mother’s property before returning home and going to bed. The last person to see Rogers was Houck. Detective enquired Houck, “So you go to bed, she stays up,” “What’s she doing?” “She’s just on her phone, playing, I don’t know what game, but she normally plays a game,” he said.

Timeline of Roger’s case

On July 3, 2015, Roger was last observed. After that, according to family members, Rogers went on a “date night” with Brooks Houck. Houck told the cops they were feeding the cows at his mother’s farm. Houck claimed that Rogers stayed up when they got back home while he went to sleep.

The file was reported on July 4, 2015. Ballard, Roger’s mother, determined there was cause for concern and reported Roger missing to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office.

On July 5, 2015, Rogers’ car was discovered. Someone contacted Rogers’ father, Tommy Ballard, after spotting Rogers’ maroon Chevrolet automobile over to the line of the Bluegrass Parkway. Ballard traveled to the location and discovered her purse, keys, and dead cell phone inside the car.

On July 6, 2015, Roger’s family announced a $25,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts. On July 7, 2015, Police interviewed Brooks Houck about the incident and no clues were retrieved.

On July 10, 2015, Police combed through Houck’s property. In the middle of October 2015, Rogers was initially declared to be officially deceased by then-Sheriff Ed Mattingly. He named Brooks Houck the “prime suspect” in Rogers’ missing case.

Rogers was initially declared to be officially deceased by then-Sheriff Ed Mattingly. He named Brooks Houck the “prime suspect” in Rogers’ disappearance. From August 6, 2020, onwards, the FBI Louisville picks up the case.

Brooks Houck- FBI investigation

During a seven-day investigation, search, and evidence-gathering period last year, the FBI confirmed that numerous objects of interest had been discovered.

Reminding people that tips are still a crucial component of the investigation, the FBI requested them to phone 502-263-6000 or submit them online at crystalrogerstaskforce.com.

FBI claimed that to keep people out of the farm while they search, they are placing a roadblock close by. This comes after the FBI, which had taken over the case into her disappearance over a year earlier in August 2021, resumed its search efforts.

The ex-boyfriend of Rogers, Brooks Houck, who was the final person to see her alive, owns the farm in Bardstown. Additionally, Rogers was last spotted alive at the farm more than seven years ago. The FBI also searched a Woodlawn Springs division last year where a few homes were constructed by a business owned by Houck.

After settling on one particular driveway, they took “several items of interest.” Houck’s residence had also been searched the year before. A year after Rogers’ disappearance, Tommy Ballard, Rogers’ father, was shot to death while hunting, but no one was ever arrested.


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