Josie Dominguez and Bryan Hernandez shot and killed in a parking garage in Old Town, Wichita, KS, suspect arrested

Old Town shooting: Domingz Josie and her boyfriend Bryan Hernandez shot and killed in Wichita, KS, Old Town parking garage. (Source: Facebook)
Domingz Josie and her boyfriend Bryan Hernandez shot and killed in Wichita, KS, Old Town parking garage. (Source: Facebook)


Domingz Josie, 19, and her boyfriend Bryan Hernandez, 21, were discovered shot dead early on Thursday morning in an Old Town parking garage. Wichita police are currently looking into the shooting. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Old Town shooting:

The public’s assistance is needed by the Wichita Police Department to solve a double homicide. Early on Thursday morning, a street sweeper discovered two victims of gunfire in Old Town.

The crime site was located in the garage in Old Town that was connected to the former Regal Warren theatre.

Two persons were discovered dead in an Old Town parking garage early on Thursday, according to Wichita police. Josephina Lerma-Dominguez, 20, and Bryan Lara-Hernandez, 21, were found shot to death in a car in the parking garage near to the recently closed Regal Warren theater in the 300 block of North Mead.

Officers were called to the 300 block of North Mead, close to Old Town Square, at about 3:43 a.m. Two victims of gunshot wounds were discovered in a car in the Old Town parking garage by a street sweeper driver.

Lt. Chad Remy, WPD, said,

“Officers were about a mile away, and they heard the shots, Shortly after they heard the shots, and were investigating another call, one of our calling parties here was on the upper level of the parking garage cleaning up when he stumbled upon a sedan and two deceased in the sedan.”

When Wichita Fire and Sedgwick County EMS arrived on the scene, they attempted to save the victims, but both passed away there.

Remy claimed that the street sweeper noticed them when he went to check the automobile after noticing it in an odd place. They appeared to have gunshot wounds, according to Remy.

Police on the site stated they are aware of a suspect vehicle. To create a fuller description, they intend to use the city’s Flock traffic cameras as well as the Old Town security cameras.


Suspect Arrested:

Zachary Ramirez, 19, of Maize has been detained by the Wichita Police Department on charges of Felony Murder (x2) and Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle. This arrest is related to the homicide investigations of Josephina Lerma-Dominguez, 20, and Bryan Lara-Hernandez, 21, from Wichita.

Detectives and police officers pursued leads tenaciously, and with the use of FLOCK and surveillance cameras, they were able to apprehend Zachary.

The two shootings on Thursday morning marked Wichita’s fourth and fifth fatalities this week. Five victims in total were shot.

After 11 people were hurt at the City Nightz club on July 2, Thursday’s shooting is also the second significant incident to occur in Old Town in the past month.

Owner of YO-B Nabil Bacha claims that since his business began nine years ago, things have gotten worse.

The parking garage where Lara-Hernandez and Lerma-Dominguez were discovered is only a short distance from his place of business.

Bacha said,

“Especially the last two, three years I particularly called the city numerous of times, more than six, seven times.”

When Bacha has called 9-1-1 for assistance with a problem near his place of business, cops have always arrived promptly, but he says the same problems continue to crop up.


Help the Investigation!

Police are still extremely early in their investigation, according to WPD Officer Kristopher Gupilan, who spoke at a news conference soon after 10 a.m. The reason is still a mystery to them.

In light of the homicides, he was asked about any adjustments the WPD intended to make in the Old Town neighborhood.

Additionally, nine people were shot inside an Old Town nightclub roughly four weeks ago.

Gupilan said,

“This is a very violent crime, and we understand what is going on in the city, We are doing the best that we can and using the resources that we have available to ensure that the public remains in a safe place.”

Any act of violence, like this one, has a significant impact on the neighbourhood, and death is a tragedy that should never be overlooked. The WPD kindly requests that anyone who saw the incident get in touch with the detectives at 316-268-4407 to aid with the investigation.

Call the detectives at 316-519-2282, the See Something Say Something Hotline, or Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111 if you have any pertinent information concerning this case. Your assistance might significantly alter the situation.


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