Erie crash: Anthony Culver, 52 year-old Erie man died in motorcycle accident on Interstate 90

Anthony Culver, 52 year-old Erie man died in motorcycle accident on Interstate 90. (Source: Facebook)
Anthony Culver, 52 year-old Erie man died in motorcycle accident on Interstate 90. (Source: Facebook)


Anthony Culver, 52, a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident on Interstate 90 close to mile marker 37. This terrible event serves as an important reminder of the value of driving carefully and safely while riding a motorcycle on congested highways. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Erie crash: What happened?

Pennsylvania State Police troopers are looking into two traffic accidents involving motorcycles in the Erie region that claimed the lives of their operators less than an hour apart on Wednesday.

Anthony Culver, 52, a resident of Erie, was killed in a collision involving his Harley-Davidson Street Glide on Interstate 90 between the Interstate 86 and Route 89 exits in North East Township, according to state police in Erie. On Wednesday at around 4:20 p.m., the collision was reported.

When the motorcycle crossed over into the left lane and onto some gravel off the south shoulder, it is claimed that it was driving west in the right lane and was passing vehicles in the left lane.

According to state police, the motorcycle hit guide rail posts when it was unable to get back onto the road. Erie County Coroner’s Office reports that the motorist was declared deceased at the scene on Wednesday at 5:23 p.m.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said that after the accident, a section of I-90 westbound was temporarily stopped, and westbound traffic was diverted to use Routes 89 south and 86 west.

The accident’s proximity to the I-86 interchange serves as a reminder of the possible risks associated with fast driving and lane changes in congested regions.


Other Accidents in the I90:

The second collision occurred on Wednesday at about 3:30 in the afternoon in Conneautville, Crawford County, in the 9100 block of Route 198.

A 66-year-old Conneaut, Ohio, man was operating a motorcycle when it went off the road and collided with a tree, according to the Erie County Coroner’s Office.

After being transported to UPMC Hamot in Erie, the guy was declared dead at 2:38 in the morning.

The two-vehicle collision on Route 98 in Hayfield Township, Crawford County, was reported on Saturday at around 7:15 p.m. Rebecca Doughty, 39, of Meadville, was killed in the collision.

Over the past week, three people have died in car accidents in the Erie region.


Motorists Community mourns:

Anthony Culver’s passing has shocked the Erie community and left friends, family, and colleagues in mourning.

Anthony Culver worked as the Foundry Melter at Electric Materials Company.  He attended East High School in Cleveland, Ohio, where he received his diploma in 1989. He was an avid motorist who lived in West Millcreek, Pennsylvania, till he passed away.

His two daughters, Emily and Alysha, have been talking about their dad and grieving the loss by posting memories on Facebook.

Emily Culver wrote: “Today we make plans to lay you to rest so you can forever and always watch over us couldnt sleep at all last night telling myself this is not real and your going to pull up on the bike with the music blasting like hey check this out!!! Ill miss you so much words cant express the pain we all are going through i love you Dad fly high and give gram a hug for me.”

Alysha Culver wrote: “Fly high dad💔😢. Never ever thought I’d be writing this post I still can’t wrap my head around this … my dad was taken from me why?!? I just stare at my phone like he’s gonna call me back or pull up with his music blasting 💔I love you dad so much”

His presence, character, and passion for motorcycling will be remembered. The entire community is being urged by this tragedy to band together and underline the importance of promoting road safety knowledge.


Motorcycle Safety:

Anthony Culver’s passing serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers that come with riding a motorcycle. Due to the lack of protective barriers and the small size of their vehicles, motorcycles are more vulnerable to accidents on the road.

As a result, it is essential that both motorcycle riders and other drivers use additional caution and abide by the rules of the road. Wearing the proper safety equipment, including as helmets and protective clothes, is essential for motorcyclists to reduce their chance of suffering serious injuries in the event of an accident.

Additionally, avoiding risky driving behaviors like excessive speeding and inappropriate lane changes can greatly lower the probability of crashes.

Visit to verify the status of important roads for drivers. 511PA, which is free and available around-the-clock, offers access to more than 1,000 traffic cameras as well as traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, and speed statistics.


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