Borislav Devic, Serbian Olympic Marathoner, dies at 59

Borislav Devic, Serbian Olympic Marathoner, dies at 59

Borislav Devic, the Serbian Olympic Marathoner, dies at 59. Let’s see more details about Borislav Devic and his cause of death in detail.

What happened to Borislav Devic ?

The sad news arrived in Serbia from Sydney, where Borislav Dević, a long-time representative of Yugoslavia, died a day before his 60th birthday. He was a member of Zadar, Sarajevo, Crvena zvezda and Sokol from Vrbas.

From faraway Australia came the sad news, that Borislav Devic has left us from this earthly life. Bora is the record holder in the marathon and my clubmate and roommate in AK “Crvena Zvezda”. I ran many and many kilometers with Bora.

Bora was one of the best people I’ve ever met, who had to leave his hometown Benkovac because of the bloody war. He was a great racer, but his life’s finish could not hold.

Boro now your race, run with our Rajko in the company of Angels in the “Gardens of Paradise”.

Rajko lost his life from a vicious sniper arm on our holy Kosovo.

Eternal memory!

Cause of Death

The famous athlete Borislav Dević passed away at the age of 59. After a long and vicious illness, one of our most talented runners, Borislav DEVIC, left us, far from his homeland in Australia, as fate wanted it. Cheerful, smiling, positive even when it was the hardest… and it was a tough one. Very heavy. May he rest in peace

In order to learn more about Devic’s death, we are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding the tragic event that brought many people to tears.

Who was Borislav Devic?

Dević was born in Gornje Biljane, a small village in Ravni Kotari. Borislav Dević is a Serbian retired track athlete and marathoner who specialized in various disciplines in middle-distance and long-distance races. He represented Yugoslavia at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Even though Devi was of Serbian origin, all of his accomplishments in international competition occurred before the adoption of the Constitution of Serbia and Montenegro, hence the nation he competed for in sports is referred to as SFR or FR Yugoslavia.

According to the all-time top lists of the Serbian Athletic Association, several of Devi’s personal best results are still considered Serbian results.

Career Journey

He represented Yugoslavia at the 1996 Summer Olympics. His name on some results lists is sometimes cited as “Borisov”. Growing up in Kninska Krajina, he first specialized in the 1500 meters.

On October 10, 1983, he ran a 1500-meter race in Zadar running a time of 3:41.6 at the age of 19.

He participated in the 1987 Summer Universiade in Zagreb. Devic rose to become one of the most talented middle-distance track athletes in all of Social Research Croatia. Goran and he became extremely close friends, and they trained together right up until Devi ran the men’s marathon at the 1996 Summer Olympics, placing 49th out of 111 competitors in a time of 2:21:22.

Olympic Games

Devi relocated to Australia after the bombing of Yugoslavia by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ended. Devi’s life narrative and connection with Goran captivated a Japanese film director, who had plans to create a documentary about Devi’s profession.

He was a participant in the 1996 Olympic Games (marathon- 2:21:22 XLIX), the 1995 World Championship (marathon- DNF), the 1995 World Cross Country Championship (140th place), and the World Half Marathon Championship (1998- 1:05:14 LXXI and 1999- 1:06:32 LXV).

Participant of the Universiade 1987 (5km- 14:34.03 XI), European Championship 1994 (marathon- 2:14:41 XVI), European Indoor Championship 1987 (3km- 8:19.00 Q) and European Cross Country Championship 1999 ( 53rd place).

He was the champion of Yugoslavia 12 times (10 km, cross country, half marathon, marathon) and 2 times as a junior. Yugoslavian record holder 2 times (marathon) and 2 times as a junior. In 2000, he moved to Australia, to Sydney, where he lived and worked as an amateur coach.

Condolences Posted on Social Media

Mladen Stevandic Posted

Born in 1963, Borislav Devi passed away today. years in the municipalities of Benkovac, Ravni Kotari, and Gornji Biljan.

2000. Devi emigrated to Australia that year. An athlete who became well-known throughout the world and who profoundly impacted athletics, numerous tissues, and marathons…

Borislav was revered, admired, cherished, and a living legend in every aspect. He was a man with unique skills and a lot of inner power. He was a source of inspiration and spread good vibes to everyone he encountered.

Devic also spoke to us about the poetry of words, both spoken and written, and about the warmth that calms, charms, and reawakens love. Our memories of you, my buddy, will never fade.

Eternal glory to you and thank you for everything.

Athletics Tracks Posted

Entrada en meta.Eran los 1.500 m del Campeonato Yugoslavo en Sarajevo en 1988. En la imagen, Branko Zorko (78), Borislav Dević (327) y Benjamin Piškur (124). Resultados: 1. Branko Zorko 3:46.03 2. Borislav Devic 3:46.15 3. Benjamin Piškur 3:46.29

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