Boating accident on Chicago’s Lake Michigan: What happened? Explained

Boating accident in Michigan

Following a boating accident on Lake Michigan, two women were taken by ambulance to the hospital in critical condition. Let’s see the Boating accident in Michigan.


What happened in Michigan?

Five ambulances were dispatched to the scene as a precaution after the fire department reported that it had received a call reporting two people in the water.

Officials discovered the two women when they arrived, and they were transferred to Northwestern Hospital.

The investigation is currently being conducted by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Boating accident in Michigan

Following a watercraft accident on Chicago’s “Playpen,” two women were taken to the hospital in critical condition on Saturday.

According to the Chicago Fire Department, the incident occurred in Lake Michigan close to Oak Street Beach at about 5:30 p.m.

According to the Illinois Conservation Police, a boat was attempting to set anchor when it malfunctioned, forcing the boat to drift.

Who is the victim of the accident?

A 34-year-old lady from Chicago and a 28-year-old woman from Washington who were close on a raft both sustained serious injuries, according to authorities.

What did the Chicago fire department say?

The victims were in the water when a boat backed into them, according to the Chicago Fire Department’s early findings.

Northwestern Hospital, which is adjacent to the lakeside and the “Playpen,” received the victims.

People’s reaction to the Boat Accident

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