Bernie Smith death: Englewood Fire Cheif dies in a Cattle Ranch accident, cause of death explained

 Bernie Smith death: Englewood Fire Cheif dies in a Cattle Ranch accident, cause of death explained

Bernie Smith Englewood Fire Cheif Passed away unexpectedly after a tragic accident. His sudden death shocks the entire community.

Bernie Smith had been a dedicated fire department employee for many years before his unexpected death on Sunday in Oklahoma City.

The department suffered a terrible loss when he passed away. He worked as the fire chief for the Kansas city of Englewood for a huge chunk of his life before passing away tragically. Keep reading this post to know what happened to him and Bernie Smith cause of death.

What happened to Bernie Smith?

Buffalo Oklahoma Firefighters Association confirmed the tragic accident happened to Chief Bernie Smith on their Facebook page and the statement reads the following,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chief Bernie Smith of the Englewood Fire Department. Bernie was loading cattle in Elk City last night when a cow tried to get the best of him. (The cow didn’t make it by the way!) Bernie suffered a fractured skull in the process and it will be a long road ahead. The human body is very resilient but brain swelling is a tough one. His pupils were starting to be reactive this morning, and that is a wonderful sign.

I spoke early this morning with Levi, he and the family are hopeful. They know better than I that Bernie is one tough son of a gun! I have met a lot of people in my life, but I haven’t met much better than the entire Smith family. Our prayers and love go out to them and we ask that you will pray for them as well.

Bernie Smith

Bernie Smith cause of death

Bernie Smith’s family announced the demise news of their beloved man by posting the following message.

Our Dad, papa, fire chief, and a friend went to greener pastures to be with Jesus tonight “with his boots on”. Our family would like to say thank you to everyone that has prayed, called, texted, and come by. We’ll take it from here Dad.

Along with them Todd Brink Admin of Farm and Rancher aid from West Michigan has confirmed the demise news of Bernie Smith by posting the following statement on their official Facebook page.

It is with a heavy heart I make this announcement. Condolences and comfort to the Smith family in the passing of Bernie Smith. Please continue to keep the family lifted in prayer. He was a great man always willing to help others and will be greatly missed here on earth. God must have needed a cowboy up there to tend to his herd. Rest in peace, my friend.

Levi Smith also posted a health update on his beloved father two days ago. Read the following statement of Levi Smith:

Well, not a whole lot of information this evening but this is what we know they put in a shunt to drain the spinal fluid of the brain to relieve pressure. That did help with the pressure. He did move his fingers and his toes. They have him sedated to help with the healing of the brain. We will find out more in the morning when the doctors check him in the morning.

His pupils are getting better. And right now the goal is to maintain the improvement we have made today. His vitals have improved a little but we’ll take that Please keep praying cuz it’s helping!!!!! These are small steps but we’re gonna take them and run with them. Thanks for all the calls texts kind words and everyone stopping by, it means more than words can describe !!!! Thank you.

Read some heartfelt tributes and memories of Bernie shared by his loved ones below:

Dustin Shahan Wrote,

My thoughts and prayers go out to Bernie Smith and his fam I didn’t get to know Bernie like a lot of ppl but in a little bit of time I was able to become part of their ashes-to-ashes family I shared my story with him and he told me that I was a perfect fit for the good deeds ashes to ashes did I was afraid to tell ppl about my past at first but Bernie and the smith boys as well as everyone else with ashes to ashes cast no judgment and welcomed me I’m beyond blessed to have gotten to meet him….. rip bernie till we meet again.

Rural Life Wife wrote,

This is Bernie Smith and what he stands for … helping people. He and an amazing group of people worked together to form Ashes to Ashes, a group of truckers who brought hay and supplies to those affected by fire, blizzards, and floods. He was a HUGE help with #orphanedcalfrelief

I am going to ask you for the most powerful tool you can share … prayer. Bernie had an accident with a sour cow. Pray for healing. Pray that God’s will be done. Pray for his family. #ashestoashes.

Lady Elf Snapshots wrote,

Today we lost one of our heroes. This is how we welcome them home. Bernie Smith was one of the first to respond anytime those fire pagers went off. He was a man of honor and grit. He passed that on to his grandchildren and one of them led the way home for him today.

It takes courage and grit to fight fires as we have here and it takes that same courage and grit to be the leader in the hardest moments. Bernie raised them all right. We will miss you so much Englewood Fire Chief Bernie Smith. Prayers and love for your family. Rest easy chief, they have it from here.

Travis Jinkens wrote,

This world lost a great man. I’ve known Bernie Smith for a long time. The influence he and his family had on our Chelsea FFA kids when we went and helped them after the fire that went through their area in 2017 was tremendous. Dixie and Bernie made the trip to our FFA Banquet that spring as well. We have so much love for that family.

Our hearts are heavy for his family. We were treated as family when we were out there and Bernie left a huge imprint on my kids and me. Dixie, Levi, Blake, & Ashley, and your family, you guys are in our thoughts and prayers.


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