Beach umbrella accident: How did Tammy Perreault die? Cause of death

Beach umbrella accident

Around 12:40 pm on Wednesday, Tammy Perreault was at a beach in Garden City when an umbrella came away from its anchor and hit her. Let’s see how Tammy Perreault died, what happened, and the Beach umbrella accident.

How did Tammy Perreault die?

According to South Carolina authorities, a beachgoer was killed on Wednesday when a stray beach umbrella pierced her in the chest.

Tammy Perreault was at a beach in Garden City when the umbrella was blown from its anchoring by the wind at 12:40 p.m., Horry County Chief Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard said CBS affiliate WBTW-TV.

About an hour later, Perreault, 63, passed away at the hospital from chest trauma, according to Willard.


Beach umbrella accident

Unfortunate circumstances led to the death of a woman at a South Carolina beach when an umbrella blown away in a wind gust entered her chest. The woman, Tammy Perreault, who has been named by local authorities, died instantly when an umbrella left on the beach broke loose and stabbed her chest.


What happened in Beach?

After an umbrella murdered a 55-year-old Virginia woman in 2016, U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner of Virginia ordered the safety department to evaluate beach umbrella safety regulations and launch a safety campaign.

The majority of patients with beach and patio umbrella injuries treated at emergency departments were women over the age of 40, according to a study written up in the Journal of Safety Research in 2021.

The study found that lacerations were the most often reported injury, followed by contusions or abrasions and internal organ injury. The head/neck and upper extremities had the highest percentage of injuries.

Tammy Perreault Cause of death

The 63-year-old Perreault was assisted by neighbours and medical staff, but she passed away at Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital after an hour.

The untimely passing of Tammy Perreault is a horrible loss, according to Thomas Bell of Horry County Emergency Management, who also expressed his condolences to the deceased’s friends and family. Additionally, Scotty’s Surfside Bar remembered Perreault in a Facebook post that lamented her tragic passing.


Who is Tammy Perreault?

Tammy Perreault, 63, passed away shortly after arriving at Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital. Unfortunate circumstances led to the death of a woman at a South Carolina beach when an umbrella blown away in a wind gust entered her chest.


What did U.S Consumer Product Safety say?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that beach umbrellas have a spiky end to help press them into the sand and their large canopy allows them to get swept up in a high wind if they are not anchored properly.

An estimated 3,000 individuals are hurt by beach umbrellas annually, according to the government agency.


What does the CPSC state?

The CPSC stated in a statement that it is looking into a deadly incident that occurred in South Carolina.

The agency added that “CPSC staff is also actively collaborating with a standard development group in the aim of creating a standard which might help establish the specifications for dependable and secure beach umbrellas and anchoring systems.”


Tribute to Tammy Perreault

La Citta News said,

The strong wind knocked over an umbrella which pierced a woman, killing her. The tragedy took place on a beach in Garden City, South Carolina. According to local media reports, 63-year-old Tammy Perreault was hit

Metro Belgique said,

She dies suddenly, impaled by her beach umbrella: Tammy Perreault, 63, tragically lost her life this week while spending a quiet day at the beach. When the wind suddenly picked up, her parasol was blown away and…

7Sur said,

American woman dies speared by flying umbrella: A peaceful day at the beach ended in dramatic fashion for a 63-year-old American woman in South Carolina. Tammy Perreault died Wednesday after being pierced through the

ENM News said,

A woman has been killed after a loose beach umbrella impaled her in the chest in South Carolina.Tammy Perreault, 63, was hit by an umbrella which was blown by the wind from its anchoring while she wasat Garden City Beach on Wednesday, Horry County

Matter that matters said,

Tammy Perreault was at a ‘Garden City’ beach when the umbrella broke loose from its ‘anchor’ and struck her around 12:40 p.m. on Wednesday, Off-duty medical professionals sprung into action.


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