Barbara Mumaugh of Barb’s Dog Rescue, Animal Welfare Warrior Passed Away


Barbara Mumaugh of Barb's Dog Rescue, Animal Welfare Warrior Passed Away

Tireless rescuer Barbara Mumaugh gained her wings. Barb’s Dog Rescue’s founder and CEO, Barbara Mumaugh died. 

Barbara Mumaugh, a partner and animal welfare activist from Barb’s Dog Rescue in Puerto Peasco, Mexico, has passed away after a long illness. Barb, it will be difficult for anyone to follow your example of leadership and devotion to the dogs of Mexico.

No amount of words can describe the impact this woman made on the community of Puerto Penasco or the homeless dogs she save. Read ahead to know what happened to Barbara Mumaugh and her illness.

Barbara Mumaugh a brave, selfless woman passed away

Barb Mumaugh of Sonora, Mexico, the founder and CEO of Barb’s Dog Rescue, has sadly passed away. On June 29, 2023, she passed away after a long illness.

On Friday, a post stating that she had passed away appeared on her Facebook profile. The page wrote the following emotional message,

Our founder, Barbara Mumaugh, passed away last night after a complicated illness. She was surrounded by family and friends who loved her.

Barb leaves a remarkable legacy. She started our shelter with nothing. For years, she gave everything she had to the dogs she rescued.

They became her purpose, her passion, her life. She built Barb’s Dog Rescue into a flourishing shelter that is a refuge for over 400 dogs at times.

From the humblest beginnings, the rescue she started now places over 2,400 dogs in new homes each year. We ask you to join us, and the thousands of dogs Barb saved, in remembering the incredible impact she had.

Who was Barbara Mumaugh?

Barb was born in Fort Leonard Wood in the Missouri Ozarks, the start of her remarkable journey. Later, she relocated to Colorado before settling in Carefree, where she diligently worked as a real estate agent until 1999.

Barb bought a picturesque rural tract of land at Rocky Point from a government ejido in 2001, a decision that changed her life. She had no idea that her choice would open the door to her incredible quest.

It’s typical to seek solace and reflection amid the desert’s seclusion, particularly during uncertain and sad times. Barb Mumaugh discovered that nature can be restored and healed.

How did Barb’s Dog Rescue start?

Mumaugh left Arizona in search of the Sonoran Desert’s refuge after losing her daughter in 2001 and traveled to Puerto Peasco (Rocky Point).

She found solace in the desert as she processed her severe grief and thought about her goals in life. By chance, a new motive for Mumaugh’s visit to Puerto Peasco appeared outside her door.

Dogs searching for food started to approach her hideaway in the desert. She gratefully let the dogs stay with her and accepted her new life’s mission.

Barb’s initial focus was primarily on dogs. She began with a small number of dogs, but as time went on, her commitment and passion grew. Barb immersed herself in learning the necessary skills because she was determined to offer the best care possible.

She learned how to give birth to puppies, treat distemper, and even set broken bones on her own. She developed true expertise in practically all facets of canine care, despite preferring to leave surgical treatments in the hands of dependable neighborhood veterinarians.

Barb’s house has changed over time into a haven for stray dogs. Currently, a devoted team of twelve people is employed as a result of her humane efforts.

Barb’s unwavering dedication to animal welfare 

Barb was able to place loving homes for almost 700 canines even before the founding of HALO. Through the generosity of visitors who learned about her refuge through word-of-mouth, these fortunate adoptions were made possible.

Retirees would frequently stop by while on vacation, spending time interacting with the dogs and kindly contributing dog food.

A board was formed to generate money for the shelter after committed volunteers established the Barb’s Dog Rescue Facebook page, kept the website updated, and recognized the importance of Barb’s cause.

Barb’s Dog Rescue was recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable entity, which is a testimonial to the sincerity of her work. Barb’s tale served as a powerful example of the impact that one person’s unwavering dedication to animal welfare can have.

She has transformed her land into a sanctuary for numerous canines in need thanks to her selfless effort and the cooperative support of her neighborhood.

About Barb’s Dog Rescue

Barb’s Dog Rescue started in 2001 with one woman’s concern for the thousands of homeless dogs in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

It’s hard to say no to moms with young puppies or injured dogs who would struggle to survive if left on the streets. As word about our shelter has spread our doors have been busier and busier.

Once just a small shelter run by Barb alone, we now house over 300 dogs and puppies on any given day, with a team of staff and dedicated volunteers.

Because there are not enough people looking to adopt in the Puerto Penasco community, we work with rescue groups in the United States to place adoptable dogs.

For those that have been severely traumatized, Barb’s Dog Rescue will be their permanent sanctuary, and they will live out their lives knowing they are safe from the challenges of living on the streets.

Barbara Mumaugh cause of death

According to information from her official Facebook page, it was revealed that she passed away last night after a complicated illness. Other than the information, her ailment has not yet been publicly disclosed as of the time of publication. 

We’ll update this article as soon as additional information becomes available. Even while efforts are being made to gather relevant information and promptly offer the most recent updates, the family’s privacy must be maintained.

Through the adopters, followers, inspired, and all the lives you touched throughout the years—both canine and human—your kindness and love will continue, and your legacy will endure.

May you now find peace and be greeted by your daughter, all the dogs you tried to save but were unsuccessful in doing so, and all the canines you did manage to save and who enjoyed long happy lives.

You were an angel on earth, giving all you had to the lost, hurt, and brokenhearted. We shall now carry out your compassionate purpose.

We extend our sincere condolences to Barbara Mumaugh’s loved ones, friends, and everyone else she was acquainted with.

Although her passing is a great loss for the entire neighborhood, her legacy will endure forever. May the Highest grant Barbara’s soul peace as it soars into the clouds of eternity.

You can view some cute photos of Barbara Mumaugh with her adoring pets.




“Celebrating the life of Barbara Mumaugh”

Following the demise news of Barbara many of the bars in Rocky Point, MX are celebrating the life of Barbara Mumaugh, the woman behind Barb’s Dog Rescue in Puerto Peñasco, MX with creative cocktails in her honor.

Also, much of the proceeds will go back to the rescue. This woman made an amazing impact on her community and it’s showing.

Tributes to Barbara Mumaugh

People from all over the community paid respects to the departed soul after hearing the devastating news of the unfortunate demise of Barbara Mumaugh, the founder of Barb’s Dog Rescue, via different social media.



Please feel free to pay respects to Barbara Mumaugh a selfless human being by leaving a note below or by sharing your memories of her.


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