Austin Pendergrass died: Why did the Wendell Middle student commit suicide? Revealed

Austin Pendergrass

According to family members, a Wendell Middle School student committed suicide on Tuesday. Austin Pendergrass was in the eighth grade. Let’s see who is Austin Pendergrass, and why he committed suicide.

Who is Austin Pendergrass?

Austin Pendergrass, an eighth-grader at Wendell Middle School, was discovered dead on campus Tuesday morning, forcing school administrators to dismiss pupils due to a “medical issue.”


Why Austin Committed Suicide?

According to his family, a 13-year-old North Carolina boy whose on-campus death shocked the town last week committed suicide after being bullied.

The boy’s family has confirmed that he committed suicide.

“The indicators were there, but the bullying was terrible.” “Just teach your kids to be kind because kids can be very mean,” Austin’s mother, Jessica Pendergrass, told local news source CBS17.


What did his family say?

On Wednesday night, family and friends came for a vigil to remember the eighth-grader, who was dressed in his favourite colour: red.

“I just wish Austin knew all of these people were here to support [him],” his mother told WRAL, adding, “I just wish he didn’t feel so alone.”

She hoped that his death would “raise awareness among other parents to check on their kids, be cruel, go through their social media, go through their phones, and find out what’s going on.” Teach their children to be kind to other children, especially if they are different from them.”

“And just embrace your kids more tighter,” she said.


What did his aunt say about his suicide?

Jessica Harris, his aunt, also mentioned bullying, telling the news source, “It’s such a tragedy that my nephew had to experience what he did going to school,” and that “the school failed him.”

“It’s very terrible that he left us, and we will cherish all the memories forever, but nothing will bring our baby back.” “Nothing,” she explained.


Is the school have Suicide Prevention Awareness?

Wake County officials have stated that they are investigating the bullying charges, but no other information was immediately available.

His on-campus death occurred the same day school authorities convened to discuss suicide prevention for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.



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