Algy ward death: How did the British bass guitarist and singer die? cause of death and obituary

Algy Ward
English bass guitarist, Algy Ward passed away


Algy Ward, an English singer and guitarist who created Tank, a British Heavy Metal band has passed away. Let’s see how did the bass guitarist die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Algy Ward die?

British Bass Guitarist, Alisdair Ward passed away on May 17, 2023, at the age of 63. This sad news was announced by his stepson and confirmed by his band Tank.

Brian Mear also announced the passing of Algy on social media in the following statement.

Saddened to hear about the passing of Algy Ward. Iconic leader of the real TANK the NWOBHM Gods. Algy also played with the Damned, he wrote.

I bought Filth Hounds of Hades on release which has always been a firm favorite over the years. Sending condolences to all who loved him., he added.

Who was Algy Ward?

Algie was a former bassist of Saints and the Damned. Following his debut with the band The Saints, Ward earned media attention. After he joined the band and took over for veteran bassist Kym Bradshaw, his fame suddenly grew. 

Algy worked in his line of work from 1976 till his passing. Later, he became a member of the iconic English punk group the Damned, with whom he recorded Machine Gun Etiquette, their debut album, which was released in 1979. 

Ward has been a member of numerous bands throughout his active career, and he is recognized for his incredible abilities and talent. 

Algy Ward
Algy Ward, heavy metal bass guitarist passed away (Image credits: Facebook)


Career with Tank:

Algy Ward, a former member of The Damned, created the British heavy metal band, Tank in 1980. The group is well-known for being a part of the new wave of British heavy metal.

The Tank was sometimes likened to Motörhead since both bands, trios lead by singing bassists, played loose, almost punk-styled metal music with often colorful lyrics.

Ward made his first appearance with the band in 1977, on their third song, “This Perfect Day.” In 1978, when the band began to play with a jazzier R&B style, he also played on their second album Eternally Yours and third album Prehistoric Sounds.

The Saints briefly split up after the publication of Prehistoric Sounds, and Janine Hall took Ward’s place when the group reformed with a sound that was more post-punk-oriented.

He worked with vocals and Bass. Some of his works are:

  • Don’t Walk Away (EP) – Vocals, Bass
  • Turn Your Head Around (Single)- Vocals, Bass
  • (He Fell in Love with a) Stormtrooper (Single)- Vocals, Bass
  • Don’t Walk Away (Single)- Bass, Vocals
  • Crazy Horses (Single)- Bass, Vocals
  • Filth Hounds of Hades- Bass, Vocals
  • Power of the Hunter- Vocals, Bass
  • Echoes of a Distant Battle (Single)- Bass, Vocals
  • This Means War- Bass, Vocals
  • Honour & Blood- Vocals, Bass
  • The Return of the Filth Hounds – Live (Live album)- Vocals, Bass
  • Metal Crusade ’99 (Split)- Vocals, Bass
  • War of Attrition – Live ’81 (Live album)- Vocals, Bass
  • Still at War- Vocals, Bass
  • Live and Rare (Live album)- Vocals, Bass

Source: (Metal archives)

A Career with The Damned:

Ward joined the iconic English punk group The Damned when the Saints broke up. Machine Gun Etiquette, the group’s comeback album, was recorded and released in 1979. 

Both critics and fans were pleasantly surprised and praised the band for successfully returning to the scene with a fresh, emerging gothic rock aesthetic. Ward contributed to every song on the album.

He performed with the band on The Old Grey Whistle Test following the album’s release for a brief time before he was let go from the group because of his intense dislike for drummer Rat Scabies.

Paul Grey, a former bassist for Eddie and the Hot Rods, took his place. Working for Tank Ward started to show interest in the developing new generation of British rock during his time with the Damned and was greatly, immensely, inspired by Lemmy and his band Motörhead.

Algy Ward cause of death:

Alasdair Mackie “Algy” Ward, an English heavy metal bass guitarist and singer passed away suddenly this week. He passed away from an undisclosed illness. His cause of death was not immediately announced by his family. We respect his family’s privacy during this sad time.

Ward was the fans’ preferred musician from the beginning to the present because of his high level of enthusiasm. His friends, followers and family members were saddened to learn his passing.

Source: Geoff Chisholm

Tributes flooded social media after his demise news broke out. Leave your tributes to Algy in the comment box seen below.

Tributes to Algy Ward:


It’s not a big secret than TANK is one of our main influences. With sadness we shellshock this morning with the news that Algy Ward passed away last week (17th May).
Rest in Peace and Run like Hell -|-
Algy’s records with TANK are pilars for us. We consider TANK a real underrated band.
Hope you will be laughing in the face of death and tame the filth hounds of hades.

Siegfried Hahn posted,

One of my heroes has left the Stage. Algy Ward from Tank. Saw him and the guys a lot of times first opening for Motörhead and later for Metallica… Hammer On Brother….RIP.

Joe Mooney posted,

Algy Ward R.I.P.
Bass guitarist in 1977 with The Saints and in 1979 with The Damned. In this infamous appearance on the Old Grey Whistle Test , the recently recruited Algy Ward calmly plays on as Captain Sensible inspired chaos erupts around him.
I never followed his later heavy metal career but what a pedigree.

Lee Dorrian posted,

Well, that’s sad news I just discovered. RIP Algy Ward. Phenomenal bassist and killer vocalist. After Motörhead, Tank were one of the very best. Let alone his legendary work with The Damned and The Saints. A proper legend.

Sheer Terror posted,

We would like to send our condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Algy Ward (The Saints/ The Damned/ Tank) who passed away a few days ago. Rest In Peace, Bub.


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