Al Brooks, Ophthalmologist who turned out to be a day trader dies at 70

Al Brooks, Ophthalmologist who turned out to be an amazing day trader dies at 70

Al Brooks, One of the best trading sellers and an Ophthalmologist who turned out to be an amazing day trader dies at 70. Let’s see what happened, How did Al Brooks die, and his cause of death in detail.


How did Al Brooks die?

The Museum of British Surfing announced the awful news on its Facebook,

Some very sad news to share… We have just heard that Al Brooks sadly passed away today.
He was a very fine man, a legend in the history of surfing and a friend to many of us here at the Museum of British Surfing.

It is such a shock as he joined us yesterday at our event to celebrate 10 years of being open in Braunton and was his usual charismatic self.

He will be sadly missed by his family, friends and anyone that had the pleasure to meet him over the years. Rest In Peace Big Al.

So far there is no information about how and where Al Brooks died. Scroll down to know more about Al Brooks Cause of death.


Who is Al Brooks?

Al Brooks, MD, a trader, technical analyst, author, and contributor to Futures magazine, Sacramento, California, USA.

Al Brooks earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago and, after working in eye surgery for more than 30 years, switched to day trading with a focus on price action. He has given lectures on all four continents and trained countless merchants. Additionally, he has taught advanced trading methods at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He is particularly well-liked for his lectures at the MoneyShow and the TradersExpo. He contributed technical analysis to Futures magazine for a long time.

Al is a remarkable individual who reads the price action using a 5-minute candlestick like a storybook. His publications aid traders in understanding the market in straightforward ways. Definitely, one may earn good money by being patient. His works are not as tough to grasp as most of us believe; you simply need to catch on to his vocabulary, which may be challenging at first. The third of his three books, Trading Reversal, contains most of the approach; the beauty of this book is that you can’t grasp the third without first understanding the previous two.

He states that there is a 60% likelihood that the trade will move in your favor when the probability of trade is good. At the same time, he adds that you cannot ignore someone who is pointing at you from 40 yards away. Think as a buyer and a seller; they are wise words for every dealer. He claims that the key to successful trading is patience.

He practices ophthalmology. Being medical students while pursuing a degree in medicine, they continued to write theses and journals. This practice was carried over when he transitioned from medical student to full-time trader by penning these great books on price action.


Trader’s Career

Al feels that he views price action differently from other traders because he thinks that every tick that occurs during the day has meaning and is not just random noise. He believes that each of the 200 or so major corporations is highly familiar with many parts of the puzzle because of the enormous quantity of information that is contained in the charts for every time period, but a large portion of the puzzle is really invisible to all of them. A trader doesn’t need to view every piece in order to regularly earn money, but the more he does, the more chances he has to do so.



Al Brooks coarse

Al Brooks provides videos about Price Action trading on his YouTube channel.

For the Price Action Fundamentals section of Al’s online price action trading school, there are 121 videos totaling 59 hours. With 72 and 66 more videos, respectively, the How to Trade Price Action and How to Trade Forex Price Action portions bring the overall course lengths to over 97 and over 94 hours. 132+ hours of excellent video trading instruction.

For only $399, you may get either the Brooks Trading Course or the Brooks Forex Trading Course. or pay $499 for both courses at Brooks Trading Course.


Al Brooks Cause of death

So far no cause of death has been made public immediately. According to reports online, Al Brooks doesn’t have any diseases or deteriorating illnesses in the past.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Al Brooks cause of death will be added soon.


Tributes on Social Media

Topher Jacobs posted,

That’s such sad news .. such a lovely guy .. and a part of surf / Braunton history … I hadn’t seen him for ages but managed to have a catch-up after bumping into him at the vintage board meet the other day which I’m very grateful for now ! .. thoughts to his family and friends x

Steve Whly posted,

Always an awesome guy to hire and buy from in our early days of surfing in the 90s. Always super friendly, helpful, and understanding. If mates hired boards he would let us drop them back up at his house. Total trust.

Martin Paul Edwards posted,

Crickey saw him the other day and his face lit up when I went over and had a chat with him such a legend will be a chap well missed by us all, sad day.

Rachel White posted,

What a fitting place to honor the life of a surf legend….Rest in peace Brooksie. The original ‘Old Guy’! You absolute legend. You were loved by all and forgotten by none. We were blessed to have met you. You will be greatly missed. Sending lots of love and our deepest condolences to all your family and friends. Rach & Russ xxxxx.

Tegan Beechy posted,

I remember often going into the shop on South Street with my parents so they could catch up with him. Once a customer was trying on a hoody while we were in there and pulled out a packet of cigs from the pocket…Al said ‘oh sorry they’re mine’   xx



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