Zai Zai death: Zhou Li Cen former member of Taiwanese girl group 7 Flowers died at 35

Zai Zai Zhou aka Zhou Li Cen
Zai Zai Zhou aka Zhou Li Cen passed away suddenly


Zai Zai Zhou aka Zhou Licen, a member of Qiao Jieli’s girl group “Seven Flowers”, passed away at the age of 35. Read on to know more about her death.

How did Zhou Li Cen die?

Zai Zai aka Zou Yan from Taiwanese “Seven Flowers” group, has recently passed away. Her family held a farewell ceremony for her on July 7, 2023.

A farewell ceremony for Zai was held at the No. 1 Funeral Home in Taipei. The floral basket was specially delivered by the group 7 Flowers at the memorial service for the late actress.

Alan Chen, a Malaysian artist, and Xiao Jie, a member of the band 7 Flowers, were spotted at the farewell ceremony for Zai Zai. 

On June 23, 2023, Alan’s wife, Joe Chen shared a group photo of 7 Flowers from their most recent private trip on Instagram. “I’ll always remember you, and I’ll love you,” she said in the post. But the post was deleted immediately, causing a lot of discussion among netizans. 

The flower baskets of the former members of Seven Flowers were also present at the entrance of the hall.

It is reported that at the farewell ceremony, Xiaojie (Qu Minjie) was also present to mourn. It is also reported that the manager is also getting a response from the former boss Sun Derong.

Who was Zhou Li Cen?

Chou Li Tsen aka Zai Zai was a former member of 7 Flowers and R&B. She was both a singer and an actress.

She was also known as Regos Chou (仔仔). Zhou acted in In Love With A Rich Girl (2004) and Westside Story (SETTV, 2003)

Zaizai faded out of the showbiz SevenFlower debuted in 2004, member ” #Zi” Zhou Yan quit the group in October of the same year. She later married her husband who was outside the circle. 

Zhou Li Cen cause of death:

Zhou Li Cen passed away suddenly at the age of 35. However, Zhou’s exact cause of death hasn’t been made public yet. 

Everyone was shocked when the news of her death was revealed because it came unexpectedly. Zhao Xiaoqiao, one of the members of Qiduohua, also responded sadly through his agent saying that,

“Zaizai will always be in our hearts, thank you for your concern, and I hope you will give the family members more space and don’t disturb them.”

The family members kept a low profile about her funeral. Chen Qiaoen’s husband Zeng Weichang, Xiaojie and others were present to mourn.

The sudden passing of Zhou has shaken the entire media world. On social media, her friends and family have been expressing their sympathy and requesting people to remember her in their prayers.

Tributes to Zai Zai:

Doris Lai (赖薇如) stated,

“Thank you for your concern. It’s very unfortunate that Zai Zai has left us earlier than expected, but there would always be a place for her in 7 Flowers! She will forever be in our hearts! Please don’t disturb her family. Her kids are still young, let her rest in peace.”

Joyce Chao (赵小侨) posted,

“Zai Zai will forever be in our hearts, thank you everyone for your concern. I hope that you’ll give her family more space, please do not disturb them.”


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