Why did Yellowstone actress Q’orianka Kilcher charge $97k? Explained

Yellowstone actress charge $97k

Actress Q’Orianka Kilcher of “Yellowstone” has been charged with fraudulently obtaining over $97,000 in disability benefits. Let’s see Yellowstone actress charge $97k.

Yellowstone actress charge $97k

California authorities revealed on Monday that “Yellowstone” actress Q’Orianka Kilcher has been charged with two felonies for workers’ compensation fraud.

Kilcher, 32, is charged with receiving almost $96,000 in disability benefits despite working on the well-liked drama starring Kevin Costner for several months during the time she claimed she was too injured to work.

According to representatives of the California Department of Insurance, she self-surrendered and was charged in May. According to records from the Los Angeles County Superior Court, she entered a not guilty plea to the accusations last month.

How did she fraud $97k?

During the live-action remake of the children’s television series “Dora the Explorer” called “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” in 2018, Kilcher reportedly had neck and shoulder injuries.

Kilcher visited the doctor “a few times that year,” but the Department of Insurance claims she stopped going for care and “did not react to the insurance company processing her claim on behalf of her employer.”

According to the department, Kilcher contacted the insurance provider in October 2019 and asked for care, explaining to the physician that she had been offered job since the incident but had been unable to accept it because of the severity of her neck pain.

According to insurance officials, she received $96,838 in temporary total disability benefits from October 2019 to September 2021 based on those claims.

What Department of Insurance investigated?

The investigation discovered Kilcher had worked as an actor on the television programme “Yellowstone” from July 2019 to October 2019, the department stated, despite her claims to the doctor that she had been unable to work for a year.

According to the Department of Insurance, which asserts that records show Kilcher began receiving benefits five days after last working on the show, the doctor claimed that the disability payments would not have been approved “if they had been informed” of Kilcher’s previous employment history

In the third season of “Yellowstone,” one of TV’s most well-liked dramas, Kilcher portrayed Angela Blue Thunder. In 2020, the season premiered on the Paramount Network.


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