Why did kid rock cancel state fair performance? Watch Audience trashes venue

kid rock cancel state fair performance

KR apologized to his followers on Twitter and put the blame on Mother Nature. Additionally, the North Dakota State Fair issued a statement alleging security issues. Let’s see why kid rock cancel state fair performance.

Why did Kid Rock postpone the performance?

Due to poor weather, Kid Rock had to postpone his Friday night concert in North Dakota, which infuriated the audience, who vandalised the venue.

KR was scheduled to appear at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot about 9:30 PM, after Night Ranger, his opening act, had given a 2 1/2 hour set.

Kid rock cancel state fair performance

“The Kid Rock event had to be cancelled due to safety concerns raised by the local extreme weather, including high gusts, lightning, and thunderstorms. All ticket buyers will receive refunds from the North Dakota State Fair.

According to reports, a storm with wind and lightning but no rain was brewing outside of the city, which kept postponing KR’s performance.

How many of the people arrived?

By the time 11 o’clock arrived, a large portion of the 18,000-person crowd was quite inebriated and irate because it appeared as though the storm had passed.

What is people’s reaction?

According to insiders at the venue, the statement immediately caused confusion and annoyance among fans who had been waiting hours for the performance.

Roed claimed that some angry spectators started tossing bottles at each other out of irritation, but finally the crowd started to thin out.

Fairgoers present confirmed that Rock’s opener Night Ranger did take the stage and perform.

The event was then abruptly called off by a Ward County Sheriff’s Department deputy who approached the microphone.

Beer cans were thrown at the stage as the crowd went crazy and turned the venue upside down.

One person ascended the platform and assumed a menacing position before being subdued by security.

The police handcuffed and led away another individual.


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