Who was Darrell Freeman? How did he die? Cause of death Revealed

Who was Darrell Freeman? How did he die? Cause of death Revealed

Freeman, the first member of his family to attend college and built a tech company that he sold for more than $20 million died at 57. Let’s see what happened, how did Darrell Freeman die and what was his cause of death.


Who was Darrell Freeman?

Entrepreneur Darrell Freeman founded the IT firm Zycron Inc. and sold it in 2017 for more than $20 million. He was the first member of his family to attend college. After that, he spent many hours and millions of dollars assisting young, underprivileged individuals in attending college and aspiring Black entrepreneurs.

Freeman revealed to The Tennessean in February that “I spent the most of my life earning money.”

“For the majority of the remainder of my life, I want to give. I want to locate people and support them in improving themselves by using my resources, reputation, and voice.”

Darrell Freeman was a lion of a leader, and his influence would be felt for decades, according to Ralph Schulz, CEO of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.


How did Darrell Freeman die?

A self-made millionaire who supported and mentored budding Black entrepreneurs, Darrell S. Freeman Sr., passed away on Tuesday after a “serious illness,” his family posted on social media. He was 57.

Early this morning, Freeman’s family released the following statement:

“He was the beloved husband and father of our family, and on the evening of June 28, 2022, he passed away. We kindly ask for your prayers and privacy as we navigate this challenging time and unknown land.”


Darrell Freeman Cause of death

The cause of death has not been made public.

As per the family, he died of a serious illness. However, they failed to say which illness led to his death. To know more about Darrell Freeman Cause of Death, we have been attempting to contact his family and friends. So far no response. Once we receive any information, we will update this page.


Darrell Freeman’s life story

Freeman’s mother worked as a maid and his father was a foundry worker who poured iron for 38 years. They rented a portion of a duplex in a Chattanooga working-class Black community.

At the age of 15, Freeman accompanied his cousin Kenny Timmons to Kirkman Technical High School, where he studied television and radio repair.

Freeman moved into an apartment with three other students and enrolled in a 20-month technician program since that school had ties to DeVry University in Atlanta. Freeman returned back to Chattanooga despite working a part-time job at Service Merchandise because he ran out of money after eight months.

Freeman got a taste of college life and decided he wanted more, so he enrolled at Chattanooga State Community College, which was less expensive.
But he had trouble with the mathematics and English general education classes.

Freeman maintained a 2.0-grade point average throughout his undergraduate years while doing well in his technical subjects and poorly in his general education courses.

In the end, the professor was successful in helping Freeman gain admission to the MTSU graduate program. Additionally, Redditt employed Freeman as a graduate assistant and later provided Freeman with company startup advice.

With a 4.0 GPA, Freeman graduated from graduate school in 1990 and began working for a tiny Smyrna computer repair business.

Freeman was paid between $12 and $15 per hour, but the business charged clients between $1,500 and $2,000 per day for his services.

That’s when I saw I had abilities the market might want to use, he added.

With the help of his nursing wife and a small office on Murfreesboro Road, Freeman started Advanced Computer Services with the use of credit cards, roughly $2,000 in savings, and their support.

Freeman started making cold calls to businesses after grabbing a Yellow Pages phone book. 99%  of the time, he was rejected.

Even so, he brought in roughly $10,000 worth of revenue in the first year.

After a few beers at a neighborhood pub, Freeman changed the name to Zycron. He explained, “I put in a Z because I wanted it to have a tech sound.

In 25 years, Freeman transformed Zycron into a 300+ employee business that brought in at least $40 million annually.

Freeman helped others launch their businesses using a large part of the revenue from the sale of that company.


Darrell Freeman helping others

Freeman, a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, a member of the board, and a past board chair for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce was well-known for his tenacious dedication and commitment to learning.

As head of the chamber board and of the civic organization 100 Black Men, he promoted education.

Freeman supported it with both resources—time and money—giving more than $100,000 to MTUS for initiatives supporting first-generation college students and organizing free lunches for women business owners around the nation.

About a dozen other young Black entrepreneurs, including the three roommates from Tennessee State University who founded the Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria chain, received investment from and mentoring from Freeman.

Because Freeman was personally familiar with the difficulties and obstacles that the poor or people of color.


Tributes to Darrell Freeman

To have a mentor who hasn’t been wealthy and who has been in their shoes, and then to be where Darrell is? said, Moore. “That sends the message that they can do more than they ever thought possible.”

Neah West tweeted, that Darrell Freeman, Sr. was the ONLY Black person on the current MTSU Board of Trustees. The only one to speak up on disparities amongst the Black population and implement strategies to raise Black (especially male) graduation rates.

Nashville Stars tweeted,

Our team is saddened to learn of the passing of Darrell S. Freeman, Sr. last night. Darrell was a valuable Community Advisor to our group & his impact on the city of Nashville will be felt for generations to come. We send our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

Candice Storey Lee said, Hearing the news about the passing of Darrell Freeman. What a profound loss. Darrell was a pioneering entrepreneur, a community & business leader, and a proud philanthropist who helped so many people. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.



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