Who is scam queen Caroline Calloway? How did she scam her followers?

 Who is scam queen Caroline Calloway? How did she scam her followers?

An online sensation, Caroline Calloway grew to fame thanks to her lengthy Instagram captions and photos. But in actuality, Caroline Calloway was a conceded as scam queen who influenced her 850,000 followers for her gain. Let’s see who is scam queen Caroline Calloway and How did she scam her followers,

Who is scam queen Caroline Calloway?

Calloway was raised in Virginia and is now 27 years old. She portrays herself as a theatrical child who, at the age of 17, changed Caroline Gotschall’s legal name to Caroline Calloway (her middle name), reasoning that “Calloway will look better on book covers eventually.”

When Calloway was an NYU student in 2012, she started posting on Instagram. She had always wanted to be a writer and thought Instagram would be an excellent venue to express her life story, as she admitted to Man Repeller last year.

How did she scam her followers?

Caroline Calloway Gotschall, who was raised in a rich household and was born in Falls Church, Virginia, first gained notoriety in 2012 as a rather archetypal blogger who chronicled her time studying creative writing at Cambridge University with lovely images and long, lyrical remarks.

Caroline also managed to land a six-figure book deal after fooling a prominent literary agent’s secretary into believing she had a meeting with him.

However, Caroline never submitted the complete first draught and, in 2017, claimed she was backing out of the deal because of an Adderall addiction, despite having already received 30% of the advance.

She was later labeled by the literary agent as “dishonest” and “seriously ill,” according to The Guardian.
Then, for two reasons, things started to change again around the close of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Firstly: Caroline attempted to run a series of IRL ‘creativity workshops’ for her followers, charging $165 a ticket, but a viral Twitter thread painted them as the blogger’s equivalent of Fyre Fest.

In response, Caroline wrote an article for Refinery 29 in which she used the immortal line, “Scamming is my brand right now, but it’s a narrative I would like to be excluded from,” to describe the disastrous event (and her subsequent cancellation), how she was labeled a scammer overnight, how Taylor Swift was her inspiration during that trying time, and other related topics.

She added that although “I’m typically chaotic and I purchased too many mason jars, therefore the event was disorganized,” many things went well during the sessions, which she believed had been overlooked by attendance.

It’s also important to note that many people received ticket refunds, according to The Guardian.

However, Caroline’s situation worsened in September 2019 when Natalie Beach, a former friend and fellow creative writing student, published a scathing expose on her for The Cut, claiming that she was responsible for many of the lengthy Instagram captions Caroline was famous for (as well as her book proposal).

Natalie spoke in great detail about how they first met in college and how Natalie quickly became financially dependent on Caroline, who acted erratically and once evicted Natalie from the summer rental she had promised her, effectively making Natalie homeless.

Natalie informed Caroline about the upcoming article before it was published, and Caroline immediately went on a social media rant about her ex-friend and the audacity of it all, creating a lot of excitement and curiosity in the process.

She also included Natalie-related references in the descriptions of her Instagram posts. Sadly, Caroline’s behavior often seemed to point to mental health issues, which made her 700,000 fans watch her vehicle collision (and beyond).

What did Caroline Calloway have an addiction to?

Caroline has been transparent about her history with Adderall, a stimulant meant to treat ADHD patients, which she started consuming recreationally in 2011.

She discussed her drug use in an interview with The Guardian in 2020, saying, “Drugs are fun, but they were delicious, don’t get me wrong, they murdered my life and I’ll never touch it.”

Along with the breakdown of their tense, Gossip Girl-like friendship, Natalie further captured the public’s attention in her article for The Cut by describing Caroline as having bouts of depression and finding it difficult to get out of bed for days at a time.

This information was included in Caroline’s behavior which appeared to be “manic.”

The Addiction Center lists the following as potential warning indicators of Adderall addiction:

Being too talkative

Reduced appetite

Unusual agitation

Social isolation

Financial difficulties


Spending a lot of time resting

incomplete ideas

Relationship difficulties



Impetuous actions. In her opinion piece for Refinery 29, Caroline claims to also suffer from depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

Does Caroline maintain her Instagram Account?

Yes, she does, however, her profile is now empty with essentially no posts.
It is accessible at @CarolineCalloway. She also has a now-defunct TikTok account with the same name, @CarolineCalloway, that first appeared in March of this year and featured clips promoting her book, which she claims is now available for pre-order. On July 28, My Insta Scammer Friend will air on BBC Three and be accessible on BBC iPlayer.

Why Caroline disappeared from social media?

Caroline stunned people by disclosing her genuine motivations for posting before abandoning social media and deleting all of her postings in 2021.

Do you know how difficult it is to create fame and wealth out of thin air? she raged. And I’m just crushing it.

Being misunderstood is unpleasant, and being trolled, cyberbullied, or having plans canceled is also unpleasant. It’s harmful.

But in the grand scheme of things, I desire fame, power, and money, and being spoken about is a part of that.

Genevieve, a former mega-fan who once met Caroline after winning a contest, said that it was difficult to learn the truth about their ‘relationship.’

She claimed that instead of valuing me as a person or a friend, she saw me as a resource that she could sell to publishers and corporations.

Although Caroline’s current activities are unknown, Genevieve speculates that she may be organizing her subsequent “reinvention” or working on a new book. I feel like we haven’t seen the last of her, she continued.


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