Who is Rebacca Sananes? Why she Claims Meghan Markle’s Podcast was created by her? Explained

Who is Rebacca Sananes? Why she Claims Meghan Markle's Podcast was created by her? Explained

The award-winning podcast “Archetypes,” hosted by the Duchess of Sussex, was allegedly produced by the departing director of audio for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s business, Archewell, according to a TikTok post.

Meghan Failed to include her name

After realizing that her name was missing from a Hollywood Reporter story on the “Forty Most Powerful People in Podcasting,” executive producer Rebecca Sananes made the decision to speak up.

As part of a $22,066,200M (£18M) deal with the world’s largest audio streaming service, Spotify, Meghan debuted the podcast and said that it had transformed her for the better.

The producer, however, claimed that the success of podcasts, including “Archetypes,” was due to others and that they were “under-valued, under-credited, and under-paid,” according to Daily Mail, just weeks before Sananes’ departure was made public.

Who is Rebecca Sananes?

According to her Twitter account, Sananes is a journalist, podcaster, creator, and executive producer. Her credits include “Land of the Giants,” “Pivot,” and “Archetypes”

TikTok user Sananes stated: “Archetypes, which Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, hosts, was created and is executive produced by me. Executives, celebrity hosts, and talent agencies do not make among the top 40 podcasters in terms of power.”

The creators are themselves. Producers do everything you love about your favorite podcast. It includes editing, researching, writing, creating scripts, making the sound great, and scoring.

However, producers are undervalued, underpaid, and uncredited, which drabs and drags down the sector. Let’s make this better, she allegedly said.

Meghan Statement

Meghan, on the eve of her bombshell Netflix documentary with Prince Harry, shared a statement thanking listeners and voters and claiming their support ‘means the world.

She said: ‘Thank you to all the supporters and fans of Archetypes who voted for us for this special People’s Choice Award. ‘I loved digging my hands into the process, sitting up late at night in bed, working on the writing and creative.

‘And I loved digging deep into a meaningful conversation with my diverse and inspiring guests, laughing and learning with them, and with each of you listening.
‘It has been such a labor of love with an amazing team who were each instrumental in helping to bring this series to life.

‘Special thanks to Terry Wood who was my right hand in this special project, along with Catherine, Rebecca, Andy, Matt, and the wider team who all worked hard to make each moment resonate. ‘Above all, huge thanks to each of you who voted. Your support means the world.’

Rebecca Sananes credits herself

Rebecca Sananes credits herself as the ‘executive producer and CREATOR’ of Archetypes and it’s just hosted by Meghan.

According to Rebecca Sananes, the persons with the most clout in podcasting are the producers and staff members rather than the hosts or well-known executives. The Rebecca Sananes that Ali Yarrow refers to as the “great interviewer” is the same Rebecca Sananes.

Netizens Posted

Geez – TW is about to say, “Just let me produce this. I am a million times better at it. I essentially do everything myself,” she said, whereas it appeared that she had simply packed her bags and left.

If I were her, I wouldn’t be claiming ownership of the Sh cast. Though I appreciate her efforts, her resume does not mention Archetypes in any way.

I’m not sure why she would want to be recognized as the originator. It’s a bad podcast that misuses the term “archetypes”! embarrassing for everyone concerned.

She has a disheveled appearance and seems like someone who won’t go away quietly. Looking forward to it.

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