Who is George Redmond? Cause of death & Arson attack Explained


Who is George Redmond? Cause of death & Arson attack Explained

The family of 76-year-old George Redmond, who died on 16 September following an arson attack, paying tributes to him. Let’s see Who is George Redmond and his cause of death in detail

What happened to George Redmond?

When unidentified criminals set fire to their home while George and Mary Redmond were in bed asleep, they fled the scene.

“Swift justice,” according to the family of a “lovely” grandfather who passed away in the hospital following a horrifying arson attack on his house.

George Redmond was in bed asleep alongside Mary, his wife of 52 years, when their home in Dorien Road, Old Swan, was set alight at around 3.20 am on Thursday, September 1.

The ECHO has been informed by witnesses that a “petrol can” was left on the home’s driveway.

And Merseyside Police has confirmed the fire was started intentionally.

Residents of the street told the ECHO that they are “quite positive” that the incident was the result of mistaken identity and that they are unable to imagine a reason why anyone would hurt the pair.

Women were raped in the parking lot where the “safe” door hadn’t operated in a year

George and Mary escaped the property after neighbors knocked on their windows to raise the alarm, but the ECHO says 76-year-old George collapsed on the stairs and received serious injuries.

He died in hospital on September 16.

“He was already mobile and regaining his independence, so his unexpected and tragic death was unexpected, and we as a family are truly struggling to come to terms with it. We are beyond heartbroken and hope that whoever is responsible for this heinous act is swiftly brought to justice.

Who is George Redmond?

“George leaves behind his dearly loved wife Mary to whom he was married for 52 incredible years and three much loved daughters, Kathryn, Karyn, and Angela, as well as six grandkids – and not forgetting Belle, his pet cockapoo.

Rest in peace, George Redmond. 1946 – 2022. “We shall love and miss him forever, and hope there is a regular supply of custard creams wherever he is now.

The ECHO has learned that a gasoline can was visible on the drive when neighbors rushed to warn the couple, contrary to some reports that claimed the suspects used a “petrol bomb” to start the blaze.

A neighbor reported to the ECHO: “George was quite a quiet man, but he would always say hello, he was an avid gardener, he loved being in his garden. They were one of the families who sold up when they were buying the land for Edge Lane, so they have been there for 10 or 12 years.

“It was mistaken identity. It’s occurred before on this street, someone torched my car back in 2009. Certain people in this area think they are more than what they are, they think they are gangsters.”

Another said: “I used to walk the dog with George, we’d talk about the football and things like that. He was an Evertonian, he was just a very quiet bloke. There’s no way at all someone would want to injure George and Mary, they were just a quiet couple. It scares you to death, it’s simply dreadful.

What did the Police investigation confess?

Following George’s passing, police have broadened their investigation and Merseyside Police are still looking for suspects.

According to the police, a postmortem examination was conducted to determine the exact cause of death, and the police are now awaiting the results.

We have expanded the inquiry into his death, and his family has been notified, according to detective inspector Katie Coote. Our liaison officers with specialized training are assisting them.

The fire was started intentionally, according to a joint investigation with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.

We are requesting that any witnesses who were nearby at the time and noticed anything suspicious contact us, so we can continue our investigation.



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