Who is chikondi chinyama? Why did she kill her daughter? Explained


who is chikondi chinyama?why did she kill her daughter? explained

22-year-old lady is being held by the Malawi Police in Dowa on suspicion of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. Chikondi Chinyama, a lady, is suspected of killing Yankho Alfred, age 2, between November 2 and 3, 2022, in Mikolo Village, Dowa District’s Traditional Authority (T.A) Msakambewa. Let’s see more details on this.

Deceased was found in an old Cemetery

According to Dowa Police Station spokesman Gladson M’bumpha, the deceased was dressed by the suspect and let to walk to her close grandmother’s home on Wednesday, November 2, at 18:30 p.m.

After an hour, the suspect went to her grandmother’s house to see if the youngster was there at all. She was told that the child was not there and had not seen her. As a result, they began searching the village, but the child was nowhere to be seen.

“The youngster was discovered dead and uninjured on Thursday, November 3, at around 7:00 in the morning, resting in an old cemetery. M’bumpha stated that it is thought that the infant was abandoned there.

what did the Suspect claimed?

He said, “When questioned, the suspect claimed that the child was sick before she died and sought medical attention, but it has been established that the girl never fell ill according to her health passport and hospital records.

The real reason of the death has not been determined, thus the body must be taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital on Friday morning, November 4, 2022, for a second postmortem. A preliminary autopsy was performed at Dowa District Hospital.

Since then, the suspect has been accused with an alleged murder offence.Both the culprit and the victim are from Dowa District’s Mikolo Village, T.A. Msakambewa.

Reported Recently

It is reported that on the day, the suspect identified as Chikondi Chinyama  had bathed the baby and ordered her to go to her grand mum’s house but upon reliazing that the deceased had defied the advise, she  got furious and allegedly poisoned her before dumping the body at one of the graveyards in the village. According to M’bumpha, the suspect who has since been charged with murder is expected to appear in court soon. Internet users are sceptical that there may be more than just this explanation.

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