who is Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam? Suspect in death of Rachael Ang Yi Qing? Explained

who is Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam? Suspect in death of Rachael Ang Yi Qing? Explained

The 50-yr-old Singaporean male, Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam, who was arrested by the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) and transferred to Singapore on Wednesday (16 Nov), has been charged in court on Friday with the murder of a 27-year-old woman. Let’s find out more about this case in detail.

Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam

On Friday, a 50-year-old Singaporean named Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam was accused of killing Rachel Ang Qi Ying, who was 27 years old. He is accused of causing her death through unspecified means at about 7pm on Nov 9 at Block 2, Beach Road. Chai was accused by way of a field magistrate, and his case will be discussed further in court the following week.

Missing Report Filed

A case of unnatural death was reported to the Singapore Police Force (SPF) last Sunday at a store on Beach Road, the SPF had previously disclosed. They discovered the 27-year-old woman there, and the paramedic on duty at the time pronounced her dead. According to SPF, the woman is associated with a missing person complaint filed last Thursday night.

The 50-year-old guy  Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam was recognized as having ties to the investigation, but he had already left for Malaysia the morning of the day the missing person complaint was made. According to SPF, it immediately asked the RMP for help in locating him. The individual was subsequently detained on Tuesday by the RMP and turned over to SPF on Wednesday.

Investigations are ongoing. The police stated that regardless of where offenders may have fled, “the Singapore authorities would do whatever is required and permitted under our laws to seek and bring to justice those who commit crimes in Singapore.” “We also won’t think twice about taking harsh measures against them.”

The murder Victim Reported Missing Since 9 November

Since last Wednesday, Ms. Ang had been reported missing by a friend (9 Nov). Ang had promised her mother she would be returning home shortly at 7 o’clock but later texted her mother at 7.22 o’clock to indicate she would not be returning home, according to a widely shared Facebook post by Ang’s friend asking for information about her whereabouts. The post has since been deleted.

Her companion pointed out that this is unusual because, in the past, she would usually pick up her mother’s phone and let her know that she would be returning home shortly and rarely stay out till the next morning.

Updates in Social Media

The family and friends attempted to reach “Caleb,” Ang’s business partner, but they were unsuccessful because his phone was also off. In the Facebook post’s comments section, Ang’s aunt stated that a police report had been made and that she was unable to leave Singapore since her passport was still at home. According to a 12 November update, the police observed that the establishment has a sign stating that renovations are underway and will continue through 11/13.

According to a later update to the post, a woman from the Beach Road Shop contacted the author via Facebook to let her know that the store had been closed for a week and that Rachel had always been with her business partner. It appears that Ang’s family learned about her passing on Sunday night based on a post they made on Facebook.

Caleb turned on the aircon in the shop to slow down body decomposition

Although Ang’s body was reportedly found without any visible injuries, it was thought that she may have been murdered by beating. Prior to leaving Singapore and going into hiding in Johor, Caleb Joshua Chai Shanmugam is said to have turned on the air conditioning in the shop to hasten the body’s decomposition. As co-owners of Smart Click Services Pte Ltd, Ang, and Chai Shanmugam were partners in business. On weekdays, they both volunteered at the business’s retail locations, where they sold paints and other home furnishings.

The residents of the apartment just above the store were interviewed by the Zaobao reporter. The shop’s four male renters said that they were only made aware of the death case there after the police had passed by on November 13. They were horrified and bought offerings to pay respect to the deceased after the police left the shop that day.

The tenants shared that Ang and Chai Shanmugam addressed each other as business partners. The owner of Sze Thye Cake Shop, located right next to Ang and Chai Shanmugam’s business, spoke with Mothership and shared that he was on friendly terms with both Ang and Chai Shanmugam. They would greet one another when they met and described Ang as “polite and honest”.

Caleb’s wife reported him to the police

According to rumors, Chai Shanmugam admitted to his wife that he had killed Ang. After Chai Shanmugam’s wife reported him to the police on November 13, the death case was subsequently made public. The two police officers were among the numerous visitors who knocked on Chai Shanmugam’s home on November 12 and 13, according to his neighbors, who spoke to 8world News.

A neighbor also witnessed the police carrying at least three large bags of stuff when they led Chai Shanmugam’s wife out of the house on the evening of November 13. After that day, the wife was never seen entering her house again.

A private memorial service was held for Ang on Wednesday after her body was cremated on Tuesday.


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