What is ‘Rip Me Out The Plastic’ challenge? Know everything about the viral tiktok challenge

Rip me out the plastic
Rip Me Out The Plastic


“Rip me out the plastic… I been actin brand new” ” has long been hailed as one of the best song openings ever. The song’s video is adorable, and its ability to go viral is undeniable, therefore it quickly gained popularity among tiktokers in particular as the “rip me out the plastic” challenge. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


What is ‘rip me out the plastic‘ challenge?

In the past month, if you’ve used TikTok (or any social media site), there’s a good chance you’ve heard Latto’s catchy “Put It on Da Floor” tune.

The “Big Energy” rapper is to blame for the most popular sound bite now dominating the platform, with its infectious “rip me out the plastic / I’ve been acting brand new” lyrics providing the background music for revelations of anything from glitzy prom costumes to chic nail designs and stylish hairstyles. It’s unbelievable to see people tearing themselves out of plastic.

On social media, the first line of Latto’s single has been virtually impossible to avoid since it was released on April 21. Along with humorous videos of her friends also rhyming along to the lyrics, the rapper has been consistently promoting the song on her accounts.

The “Rip Me Out The Plastic” TikTok challenge involves putting a plastic bag over one’s face and ripping it to shreds. The song “Put It On Da Floor” by Latto served as its influence.

“Put It On Da Floor” by Latto opens with a clip of Latto ripping Cardi’s head out of a plastic bag while yelling, “Rip her out the plastic, she been actin’ brand new.”

Latto and Cardi B’s “Put It on Da Floor Again” Music Video:

Since then, a video of clubgoers pulling out plastic bags as Latto’s song “Put It On Da Floor” plays has been making the rounds online. Fans are seen peeling the bags off as they sing the line, “rip me out the plastic, I been actin’ brand new,” while holding the bags over their heads.

Fans obviously adore the Latto song, which was made available in April of this year. A lot of singers, like GloRilla, Lil Nas X, Cardi B, and others, have praised the song, which soon became popular on TikTok.

The hit has also been remixed numerous times. Earlier this month, Cardi B joined “Put It On Da Floor Again” after teasing its release. On Instagram, they shared a film showing Latto removing a plastic bag off Cardi’s head while saying, “Rip her out the plastic, she been actin’ brand new.”


Controversies around ‘rip me out the plastic’ challenge:

The music video for Mulatto is where the “Rip Me Out the Plastic” challenge first emerged. Participants in the viral trend imitated the rapper’s move of pulling herself free from a plastic bag. However, when one player died from suffocation caused by a plastic bag, the essence of innocent enjoyment became a terrifying reality.

Tragic events occurred when a woman who was participating in the “Rip Me Out the Plastic Challenge” on TikTok tragically lost her life. The incident led to a contentious legal battle against famed rapper Mulatto, who is thought to have been the challenge’s source of inspiration.

The unfolding events were focused on the viral challenge coming to a tragic conclusion. The woman’s passing was unexpected, and according to the woman’s sister, she died after suffocating on a plastic bag, which was a crucial element of the challenge.

Mulatto is being sued for 2.7 million dollars. The participant’s sister is the plaintiff in the lawsuit. She claims that the main driving force behind her sister’s participation in the challenge—which tragically resulted in her death—was the rapper’s music video.

The incident shocked the whole TikTok community. The sad incident serves as a sobering lesson to participate in viral challenges with the highest safety and caution.


Who was Rapper Mulatto?

Latto or Big Latto, formerly known as Mulatto, is the stage name of Alyssa Michelle Stephens, an American rapper and vocalist. She made her television debut in 2016 on Jermaine Dupri’s reality series The Rap Game, where she went by the name Miss Mulatto and won the first season.

Despite winning the show, she declined the record deal that was given as compensation. Latto signed with RCA Records after releasing her single “Bitch from da Souf” in 2019. In August 2020, the song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching a high of 95. Rappers Saweetie and Trina collaborated on a remix to go along with the song.

The follow-up single “Muwop” (with Gucci Mane) was released by Latto in 2020. On Latto’s self-titled debut album, Queen of da Souf, which was released in August 2020, both tracks were gold-certified. With the release of “Big Energy,” the lead single from her second studio album 777 (2022), Latto achieved mainstream success. The song was her highest-charting single to date, reaching the third spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Win Some Give Some Foundation was started in 2021 by Latto with the goal of “empowering at-risk young women by providing them with resources and support to achieve a lifetime of success.”

In Jonesboro, Georgia, Latto started her own retail business, Pittstop Clothing.

When Latto was confused for another woman in May 2019, she was detained for stealing. She made a song called “Fuck Rice Street” to prove her innocence and express her rage at the cops.


TikTok culture

The teen culture was once considered to be a part of mass culture; although if children may have watched different television programs and films from their parents, they were still watching television and going to the multiplex. Teenagers today seem to inhabit a completely independent entertainment universe where they are both the customers and the producers of the content, as can be seen if you speak with one. Young people were more inclined to look up to YouTube stars than to traditional Hollywood celebrities as early as 2014. In 2017, 71% of teens said they watched three or more hours of video each day on their smartphones.

In the spring, TikTok reached 2 billion downloads, and the epidemic only hastened its ascent: The app drew even more teen attention while schools were closed and kids were isolated from their parents.

Latto’s popular TikTok moment and remix follow a fruitful year for her thus far. After releasing her sophomore album, “777,” in early 2022, she began 2023 with her song, “Lottery,” starring Lu Kala. She also released buzz-generating collaborations with upcoming musicians including Mello Buckzz (“Boom Pt. 2”), Lola Brooke (“Don’t Play With It” Remix), and TiaCorine (“FreakyT” Remix).

Additionally, she is presently performing as part of Lizzo’s “The Special 2our” and has received two Grammy nominations this year for best new artist and best melodic rap performance. Press releases for Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor Again” hinted that “the next chapter of Latto’s career begins with more new music, more vibrant visuals, and more big energy from The Biggest.”



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