Wendell B death: R&B Singer dies after a long battle with cancer, cause of death & Obituary


Wendell B R&B Singer dies after a long battle with cancer
Wendell B R&B Singer dies after a long battle with cancer (Source: Facebook)


We announce the passing of Wendell B with deep sorrow. Please remember the family, friends, and fans in your prayers. People shared their fondest moments and experiences with the beloved singer, highlighting the impact he had on the music scene.

Also, respect the family’s need for privacy as they mourn their loss. The sudden and tragic loss of Well-known R&B Singer Wendell B has left friends, and fans in shock and mourning.

Now many people are inquisitive to know about his death cause. Keep reading this post to learn more about his passing and Wendell B cause of death.

R&B Singer Wendell B passed away

The passing of such a gifted musician serves as a reminder of the significant influence that musicians may have on society. His distinctive aesthetic and commanding voice leaves a vacuum that might never be filled.

Future generations of musicians will continue to be motivated by his influence to push boundaries and create music that tells their own tales. His contributions to the music industry will survive.

The passing of Wendell B came as devastating news to R&B enthusiasts. While his admirers paid him tribute on social media, it has been revealed that he had been battling cancer for some time; this is what is thought to have caused his death.

It has been verified that he died at 3 am this morning, according to online reports. Wendell’s buddy Curtis Muldrew announced his passing by posting the following message on Facebook:

😔😔This morning about 5:30. I got a sad phone call that my good friend The Boss Wendell B. the Lord has called on him, I’m going to miss you, my big bro the last phone call we had you told me to keep your music alive I love you big bro R.I.P.

Wendell B cause of death

The music community currently mourning the sad death of R&B Singer Wendell B. Although the precise reason for Wendell’s passing is still unknown, there are hints that it may have something to do with his cancer diagnosis.

Wendell may have experienced cancer issues, but this hasn’t been confirmed based on his social media posts. Before making any judgments, it is crucial to wait for an official statement.

Therefore, Wendell B cause of death was not revealed yet. At this point, we have very little information about his passing but will update you as further details emerge. We’ll update this article as soon as additional information becomes available on Wendell B cause of death.

Moreover, the family’s privacy must be respected even though attempts are being made to compile pertinent information and promptly deliver the most recent updates.

Wendell’s Illness before passing

Wendell reportedly breathed his last following a battle with cancer. No verified media outlet has yet provided any information on Wendell’s cancer.

Wendell B had a few medical problems. As previously said, the musician apparently endured a protracted battle with cancer.

He reportedly struggled with lung cancer. However, some web resources assert that Brown fought lung cancer for a considerable amount of time.

The late singer revealed last autumn that he had been diagnosed with cancer, according to a report. Wendell reportedly sought therapy while continuing to produce new music for his followers and supporters.

As a result, Wendell B cause of death was confirmed as lung cancer. More specifics will be published as people eagerly anticipate new information.

Online reports about Wendell’s illness

Wendell, though, hardly ever made social media posts regarding his fight with illness. His family members avoided discussing his cancer with anyone, therefore specific details about his medical conditions are still unknown.

Another person revealed that he passed away due to complications from cancer in the note that they left behind.

One year ago you were in our city fighting a fight with Cancer that no one knew but you said you had to get here. We talked on the phone almost weekly and we thought you had it beat and we made plans for you to come back this month. You called me and said Rob God got other plans for me I’m not going make it you gone have to take me off the show. Thank you my brother conversations will truly be missed. Rest easy my bro WENDELL B You got your wings this morning  You fought the good fight.

Read one of the posts from November 2022 to learn that Wendell is receiving hospice treatment for his cancer. The statement reads the following,

This is how it looks when God is pulling you through! Please keep praying I promise I love you all, just keep listening to the Boss WENDELL B and Download it at wendellbsounds or just Google Wendell B Love u all.

In the meantime, a Facebook post made by his buddy Robert Taylor revealed that Wendell visited Elkhart, Indiana, last year when he was still battling the illness.

It was mentioned in the post that Wendell and Robert were in contact over the phone and that Robert thought Wendell might have recovered from the illness. And he wrote.

“You called me and said Rob God got other plans for me I’m not gone make it you gone have to take me off the show.”

Wendell asked for prayers and posted a picture of himself in the hospital bed back in October 2022. He urged his followers to keep hearing his music. The month after, he shared another image of himself with his crew.


At this point, we have very little information about his passing but will update you as further details emerge. His death leaves a gaping hole in the hearts of his fans, and we aren’t likely to see his kind again.

Who was Wendell Brown?

Wendell Brown is a Southern R&B musician who draws vocal inspiration from Luther Vandross and Will Downing as well as smoother artists like Bobby Womack and Barry White.

Contrary to the overwhelming majority of commercial R&B that has been in circulation since his early 1990s debut, the St. Louis, Missouri native has retained the blues in R&B, whether recording under his full name, as just Wendell, or (most frequently) as Wendell B. Brown made his debut with the song “You Want 2 Play Me” in the early 1990s, and his debut album, Make It Good for Ya, was released later that same decade.

After that, he established his own label, Smoothway, and became totally autonomous. Good Times (2005), Love Life and Relationships (2008), In Touch with My Southern Soul (2010), Get to Know Me… (2013), and The Next 1 (2016) are a few of his self-released full-length albums.


About Wendell B’s early life

At the age of five, Wendell began his career in the music business by joining the gospel group Sensational Wonders. Before the sounds of rhythm and blues whetted his vocal appetite, he spent a good ten years singing for the Lord.

He chuckles, “At first I had to keep my love of R&B music a secret from my Mom since she was into the church and she didn’t play that. Wendell started singing in local bands like The Dream, a group he started in high school, and Visions as he matured vocally and in age.

He first realized the value of stage presence while touring in and around his hometown under the instruction of local music icons Carl Holmes of Visions and Marvin Rice of Masters Touch, who taught him the finer points of runs and other vocal techniques.

Musical Journey

He spent some time in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the birthplace of many great legends, including Terry Lewis, Morris Day & the Time, Jimmy Jam, Mint Condition, and Prince.

Wendell traveled through a number of different locations before arriving in Atlanta, Georgia, where his career in the music industry started to take off.

It took some time for people to begin to believe the sounds emanating from his mouth, but once they did, the word of this soulful balladeer named Wendell B spread.

Delivering a smooth and silky sound with his music, telling nothing but the truth in his lyrics, while filling your soul with a feeling of ‘yes, yes, yes’, the six foot five and a half, 298-pound stature of Wendell B, makes you know that when he opens his mouth he means business. That’s why he entitled his new CD “Back Ta Bid’ness”.

You can tell that Wendell’s determination in producing song after hit by listening to “Waiting On You To Call,” one of his hits off the new CD “Back Ta Bid’ness,” which also includes Poppa Justify aka Q from Mississippi.

It’s a must – we’ve been together too long, he sings in a duet with his background vocalist Trina aka T. to break up the monotony, and of course, Diggy is there too.

You can hear Lamont Hadley’s soothing voice on the song “I’m Staying” along with Wendell B’s background vocals, demonstrating that harmony and unity can still make you happy. When he returns, you will be standing and prepared to jam. The club smash “That’s When I Get Loose” is what he does next to get you moving and ready to jam.

Wendell B’s Personal Life

Everyone knows about Wendell B’s musical career and how he climbed to fame, but no one knows about his wife or children. The musician appears to be quite discreet about his personal life, which is common among celebrities who prefer to keep their personal lives secret.

Social media is awash with condolences and tributes to Wendell B



Wendell B’s Obituary

It’s sad to have to say goodbye to someone we love. I hope the wonderful memories you shared with Wendell B bring you some solace. I’m writing this obituary to let you know that Wendell B, R&B Singer dies after a long battle with cancer.

This morning, Wendell passed away after a protracted illness. As the music industry reflects on his remarkable career, they are reminded of the power of a dedicated and compassionate artist.

Wendell’s legacy lives on, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music and the lives he touched along the way. He will be deeply missed, but his impact will continue to inspire and uplift for years to come.

We send our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and everyone else whose life he touched as we mourn his passing. During this difficult period of mourning and reflection, our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Moreover, his family will make further announcements regarding funeral services and preparations. No details on survivors were immediately available. And as soon as we receive official reports, we will update the information. Also, feel free to drop your condolences below in the comment section.

Medico Topics extends our deepest condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time. Let us be a source of strength and comfort for one another as we navigate through this painful journey of grief and remembrance.


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  1. My sincere condolences to the great Wendell B. Your music is really something to listen to. God had his plans for you. Rest In Peace.

  2. I am so very sad for the loss of “The Boss”, Mr. Wendell B. From the very first time I heard him on the radio, I was in love with his voice and music. May you rest easy, my brother. As long as I live, your music will live.
    May God comfort, strengthen, and keep the family, friends, and all of US who love Mr. Wendell B. and his music…a Good Man!

  3. God,give the family strength, and ,Guidance, for he will be missed.Continue on playing his Music,and remembering the goodness he left us with,and the kind words he always said.KEEP GOD FIRST.

  4. OMG! It’s with tears rolling down my face so hurt my husband (The Boss) has made it to music heaven So Glad I got to see him and took a picture with him which I will cherish for the rest of my life here on this earth. My condolences to all his family friends and fans including me one of his #1 Fans your music will forever live on.

  5. My mother is one of the biggest Wendell B fans. I’m so glad she got to see him live here in Michigan a few years ago, she was truly hurt this morning with this news. Condolences to All his family, friends and fans, You Sir will definitely be missed. RIH to the Boss Mr. Wendell B🙏💕

  6. I am a huge fan of Wendell B.I just woke up to the news of his passing and my heart is in pieces my sincere condolences to his family on his passing he definitely had the voice of a of no other and his music will always live on I will continue to send up prayers for the family.Love u Boss ❤️❤️❤️😭


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