Holmes County crash: Brittney Russell and Mieshia Clay, 2 Mississippi women died after collision


_Brittney Russell and Mieshia Clay, 2 Mississippi women died in Holmes County crash

After a collision in Holmes County, two women died. Two Mississippi ladies, Brittney Russell, and Mieshia Clay, died in a terrible tragedy, leaving their loved ones inconsolable. Social media has been used by the families, friends, and neighbors of both fatalities to express their grief and ask for prayers.

The dreadful news shatters the hearts of the victims’ families. The circumstances surrounding the tragedy are still under investigation. Let’s look more closely at what happened to the two women from Mississippi and the crash in Holmes County in this post.  

Holmes County crash: How did the accident happen?

In Holmes County, there was a collision that resulted in the deaths of two people. The collision occurred Wednesday night at about 5:08 p.m., according to the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

According to MHP, Brittany Russell, 31, was driving a 2021 Honda Accord northbound on Highway 17 when she collided with Miesha Clay, 21, of Tchula, Mississippi, who was driving a southbound Jeep Cherokee. The accident left both women permanently injured.

What happened to Brittney Russell and Mieshia Clay?

Mississippi Highway Patrol said that the tragic accident took place on Wednesday night at about 5:08 p.m.

Miesha Clay was driving a Jeep Cherokee southbound on Highway 17 when she struck Brittany Russell who was driving a 2021 Honda Accord northbound.

The incident left both women with fatal injuries. We learned more about the victims thanks to the condolence messages posted by their families and loved ones on social media. MHP is investigating the crash.

At this moment, details about the accident’s specific circumstances are few. The incident is being investigated intensively by police authorities contributing to circumstances.

We want victims’ families and friends to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Losing a loved one in such a sad and unexpected manner is a huge shock that affects everyone concerned. We understand the anguish and sadness that comes with such a life-altering loss. Let’s pray for their families.

Family members and friends mourn Brittney Russell and Mieshia Clay’s death

The following messages were written on Facebook by Brittney Russell and Mieshia Clay’s friends and loved ones, in response to the news of their tragic passing.

Tonio Russell  wrote,

So much pain and suffering in this world sometimes 💔 u got to ask yourself y do God allow so much pain and suffering in this world 🌎 imma miss my cousin Brittney Russell sometimes you got to think is there truly a God because this young lady was a person who did everything right in life and to be loved by so many 😇 😔 😔 I’m so angry and sad at the same time.

Tomika Robinson wrote,

You look so beautiful with that smile girl 🥺, && got me wiping these tears Brittney Russell. Kinsley just asking about you && idk what to tell her😭 && Jasmine just told me how you were ready to seek ready for school MONDAY morning. I’m so sorry, Brittney but && k will take care of Jasmine I PROMISE😩🥀🕊️

Rubi Rose wrote,

Mieshia Clay girl you did hurt meh my girl never knew yesterday would be my last day seeing you I got so many videos of Yhu throwing that big thang we had some good times every girl’s night I had Yhu was there meh making drinks you in the kitchen behind meh in my ear Aht Aht po some more liquor in man girl ima miss you 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Dontario Williams wrote,

I can’t understand why you have been through so much in life. And I just can’t understand. love you so much I’m so sorry for 2 and a half years And I would in a heartbeat til we meet again my baby I promise imma make sure everything is straight for you yo mom and Grandma need anything I got em I love you ❤️ ‼️Mieshia Clay 💔💔 🙏🏽


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