Watch video : Who is Gregory Damon? Tampa Police officer loses job after dragging woman into jail

Watch video : Who is Gregory Damon? Tampa Police officer loses job after dragging woman into jail

A Tampa police officer Gregory Damon, accused of dragging a handcuffed woman into a booking area at a city jail has been fired from his job, authorities said. Let’s see more details about this incident.

Damon and other Tampa cops were called to the Scene

  • The Tampa Police Department terminated one of its officers on Tuesday .The video footage showed him dragging a woman in handcuffs across the ground in the direction of a Hillsborough County jail booking room.
  • Officer Gregory Damon broke many departmental rules during the encounter on November 17, according to an inquiry.

The Tampa Bay Times stated that Damon and other cops were called to a medical officer in Tampa’s Belmont Heights neighborhood. The employees at the office claimed the woman was sleeping outside the building and had refused their requests to leave.

The woman received a warning on October 19 for trespassing on the same property. On November 17, the woman was detained on suspicion of trespassing after receiving a warning and was driven to the Orient Road Jail by Damon.

when Damon brought the woman to jail, she refused to exit his police SUV and enter the central booking area.

Interaction Captured in Body Worn Camera

Body-worn camera video that police released Tuesday captured his interaction with the woman.
“I’m going to drag you out of this car,” he told her.
“I want you to drag me,” she said.

The woman was dragged into Jail

The cop is seen on video taking the woman by the arm, dragging her from the car, and directing her toward a sign that reads “search your arrestee” over the entrance to the main booking area. Throughout her speech, the woman humiliates the officer in a rebellious manner.

The officer stops dragging her and orders her to stand up. She stays where she is.

She was being dragged toward the door by Damon. When he punched a call button, two Hillsborough County jail guards were sent outside to assist in bringing the woman inside.

The Women pressed with a Trespassing charge

In a news statement detailing the event, Tampa police removed the woman’s identity, although jail booking records show that she is 46 years old. She has a Tampa homeless services facility listed as her address.

She was charged with trespassing and put into jail at 10:19 that morning. According to her booking documents, she was freed and transferred to a mental health hospital a few days later. She is still facing criminal charges in this situation.

A similar incident in 2013

Supervisors at the jail, which is managed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, reported the incident to the Tampa Police Department. The Professional Standards Bureau launched an investigation the following day. While the investigation was going on, Damon was let go from his position.

According to the department’s protocol, police should ask the jail booking staff for help when dealing with difficult detainees there. The individual can be lifted onto a restraint chair by jail authorities and then wheeled inside the facility.

Police said that after a similar incident in 2013, they modified their guideline and added language stating that dragging someone who is being uncooperative is improper.

Damon was fired after an Investigation

In a news release, police noted that the woman used vulgar and obscene language toward the officer, but that Damon also made rude and derogatory comments toward her.
His policy violations included rules addressing courtesy to the public. Investigators reviewed the officer’s body camera footage and surveillance video from the jail and interviewed Damon, finding no clear justification for the policy violations. The investigation concluded Tuesday with a decision to fire Damon. He had worked as a patrol officer since 2016.

Allen Kimble Jr Posted

TAMPA POLICE OFFER DRAGGED WOMAN TO JAIL Before some of you say things like ‘just a few bad apples’, ‘need better training’, and the like; all of that is bull s_ht. If you haven’t come to the point of realizing U.S. policing is inhumane, you never will.

Dlady Patriot Posted

They should investigate who allied that political blue lives sticker on the patrol car. That should not be allowed. #Tampa

Debraj1121 Posted

Imagine that time. “The agency said it revised policy in 2013 to forbid officers from dragging uncooperative suspects on the ground. Officers should instead seek assistance from jail booking staff or other law enforcement, police said.”… via

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