Watch Video: Who is Dinush Kurera? Why he murdered his wife, Nelomie Perera?

Watch Video Who is Dinush Kurera Why he murdered his wife, Nelomie Perera

Nelomie Perera, a mother from Melbourne Sandhurst, was stabbed as her ex-husband Dinush Kurera was charged with murder. Let’s learn more about this case in detail.

Case Overview

  • Teen daughter pleads to neighbors for support while her mother is dying
  • 43-year-old Nelomie Perera passed away, and her ex-husband has been detained by police.
  • On Saturday, Dinush Kurera, 45, who is accused of killing a teenage boy, also suffered injuries.
  • One of the couple’s three children, a teenager, is receiving medical care in a hospital.


Nelomie Perera’s Murder case: Explained

A terrifying home surveillance footage shows a terrified young girl pleading with her neighbor for assistance after her mother is fatally stabbed in their home.

Nelomie Perera, a mother of three, was discovered dead in a pool of blood on Saturday night, just before midnight, at her Wodalla Circuit home in the south-east Melbourne neighborhood of Sandhurst.

On Sunday afternoon, her ex-husband Dinush Kurera, 45, who is suspected of being the knifeman, was detained and charged with one count of murder.

The girl pounded on their doors in the usually peaceful suburban street, waking up startled neighbors.

Watch this video:


43-year-old Nelomie Perera

Nelomie Perera




Who is Dinush Kurera?

The young woman replies, “I don’t know where, she’s dead.” “I’m almost positive she’s dead.” Paul Vavitas, the Pereras’ next-door neighbor, hurried over but was helpless.

It is known that the couple, who had three children together, separated after 20 years of marriage around a year ago. Their 14-year-old son also allegedly suffered injuries in the purported event, including a neck stab wound.

He underwent an urgent procedure and is currently in a critical but stable state. The next court date for Mr. Kurera is in April; he did not request bail.

Who is Dinush Kurera?

Loved mother Nel, also known as Nel, was described by friends as a “lovely person and a loving and loyal friend and mother.”

The Herald Sun quoted her friend Bec as saying, “We are all shocked, appalled, and deeply saddened by this senseless and wanton act.” We will always remember you since we love and miss you so much.

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People’s Reactions to this incident

Immediately after learning about Nelomie Perera’s untimely death, people on social media expressed their outrage online.

Sajani tweeted,

Nel is one of my best friends and she is an amazing, kindhearted, and humble person that I have ever met. I am aware that she had informed the police about her life-threatening from her x husband. But I am so disappointed that they didn’t do anything about this. I don’t wanna believe this news it’s real. I want justice for Nelomie Perera. Love her a lot and going to miss her lifetime. RIP Nel. 

Natalie Quyn said,

My Deepest sympathies Sajja, may she rest in peace, and pray she gets justice. Stay strong Luv 

Tanya Warakagoda said,

I completely agree, she informed them of everything and did the right thing. The system failed her completely. She even notified the police when he arrived back in Australia Thursday. Soo sad such a beautiful beautiful soul.

Australia Against Male Violence Towards Women posted,

R.I.P. Nelomie Perera, 43yo Nelomie was murdered at her home in Sandhurst Victoria Saturday night. Her teenage son was also attacked and was treated with a nonlife-threatening head injury. Her daughter ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

Police have charged Nelomie’s husband, Dinush Kurera with murder. Those who knew Nelomie say she was a kind and sweet woman and an excellent mother.



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