Hiram Walmart murder-suicide: Boyfriend kill himself after shot and killed his girlfriend

Hiram Walmart shooting
2 people dead in Hiram Walmart murder suicide


The shooting at the Walmart in Hiram on Wednesday afternoon left two people dead, and police suspect it was a murder-suicide. Read on to know more about the Hiram Walmart shooting in detail.

Hiram Walmart murder-suicide:

Police in Georgia are now looking into a double shooting that they suspect was a murder-suicide. The shooting took place at the Walmart Super Centre, which is at 4166 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway and GA-92, around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Two people—a male and a woman—were shot inside the store, according to Hiram Police Chief Mike Turner. When the police came, they discovered a man and a woman with at least one gunshot wound each.

Some unknown sources says that shooting happened near the pharmacy.

The police chief expressed his regret that such an incident occurred in the city of Hiram. “It is very unusual for us. We have not had an incident like that in the two-plus years that I’ve been here, but what I can tell you is that we hope this is the last one.”

“Our prayers, our thoughts go to everybody that’s involved,” Turner stated.

What happened to the man and the woman?

Man and the woman were declared dead in the shooting incident that happened near the Walmart Super Center in Hiram, a small town about 35 kilometers northwest of Atlanta.

The police think the man killed the woman before killing himself. According to Turner, the two were transported to an out-of-town hospital because a Hiram hospital was unable to handle them due to the severity of their injuries. They both perished on their way to the hospital.

“This is one of those events where it’s going to happen where the two people happen to meet. This was an opportunistic event. This was not an event where somebody went in with the intent to do something and had a plan to do it, it appears,” Turner said.

“What it appears to be is a known-to-known shooting event where both parties knew each other. This was not an active shooter. This was one person who knew another person, there was some kind of former relationship,” he added.

Who are the victims?

The police chief claimed that the two were acquainted but did not specify their relationship. Some says that they are partners and were young people. However, the names of the victims were not immediately revealed.

Police suspect the alleged gunman was a Walmart employee, but Turner said he continues to try to confirm that information. Furthermore, it is yet unclear what sparked the incident.

Following the shooting, the Walmart was closed down. When exactly it will reopen is unknown. This investigation is still ongoing.

“We’re heartbroken by what happened at our Hiram store tonight,” Walmart said in a statement.

“Our priority, right now, is the safety of our associates and customers. The store will remain closed while we work with law enforcement during their investigation.”

People’s reaction over the incident:

Desmond Arnold commented on this incident saying,

This is so tragic and heartbreaking. I was less than 5 minutes from here this evening and shop here from time-to-time. People really need to seek help. for the families involved.

Jessie Larrimore posted,

What’s going on with Hiram
Martins is on fire & Walmart had an active shooter (bf and gf did not survive)
So sad

Gigi Bee said,

Listen when I say check on your people i mean it!!! When I say if you are being abused in any way, shape, or form make your plans for a safe exit! I encourage everyone to seek help there are resources out there to help with any mental illness! More importantly, one must seek out the Lord and know that you know that you have surrendered to Him for many different reasons! There was a murder-suicide at our local Walmart here in our Hiram Walmart! Husband murders his wife and then shoots himself! This is so devastating and traumatic for the surviving families and those who witnessed this heinous act! If any of your people in the Hiram/Dallas area went to Walmart check on them.


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