How did Tim Pfleger die? Keyport Fire Department chief cause of death Explained

How did Timothy Pfleger die? Keyport Fire Department chief cause of death Explained

Tim Pfleger, the 32-year-old fire chief of Keyport, passed away this weekend, as per officials, after being injured in an accident while returning from a local fire academy in July.

His death news was confirmed by The Keyport Fire Department and Keyport Fire Patrol on Saturday. Let’s see what happened, How did Tim Pfleger die, and his cause of death in detail.


What happened to Tim Pfleger?

Keyport Fire Department and Keyport Fire Patrol on their Facebook page shared a post that reads,

Chief Pfleger was an amazing firefighter, an outstanding chief, and above all a genuine loving friend. Anyone who had the honor of meeting him knows that his friendship will always be missed

says, Alexander Mabe, vice president of the Keyport Fire Department.

“Tim was a true leader to the members of Keyport Fire Patrol and was always there to help with anything he could. He will truly be missed and our family will forever mourn his loss,” Mabe said.


Tim Pfleger Cause of Death

Tim Pfleger was involved in an accident after leaving the fire academy, a few months back. He severely suffered from that incident. However, Pfleger is survived by his parents and sister. The department explained his death as happening in the line of duty. Although authorities refused to provide detailed information.

Maybe said,

We ask that everyone please keep the Pfleger family in your hearts and prayers.

The waterfront gazebo lights in Keyport have been red-lit in Pfleger’s honor and memory. To show support for the Pfleger family and other firefighters, residents are urged to switch on their porch lights in red or hang a red ribbon on their doors.


Tim Pfleger’s Career

Tim Pfleger was a well-known firefighter of Keyport. Tim joined the Keyport Fire Patrol in 2008 while beginning as a cadet with the Keyport Fire Department in 2007. According to officials, Pfleger was voted as the third assistant chief of the department in 2019, held the position for two more years, and was chosen to be the chief in 2022. Pfleger oversaw each of the Keyport Fire Department’s five fire stations in his role as chief.


Tributes to Tim Pfleger

Fire Engineering tweeted,
The Bayshore community of Keyport is mourning the death of its 32-year-old fire chief, Tim Pfleger, who officials said died this weekend after he was hurt in an accident while traveling from an area fire academy in July.
Richard Brister shared a post on Facebook saying,
My friend, and Keyport Fire Chief Tim Pfleger, when you left the hospital I joked if you needed me to bring you some fireball. I had one for you tonight. Sea Bright FD, a class act as normal. Chief, you will be missed, as a friend and as a brother firefighter. May you rest in peace and watch down on us as we try to protect our family and citizens.
Laurance Harbour Fire Department posted on Facebook saying,
This morning Old Bridge Fire Companies paid respect to fallen Keyport FD Chief of Department Timothy Pfleger as he passed under the Matawan Rd overpass.
Holmdel Fire & Rescue Company posted that,
It is with great sadness and regret to announce the untimely passing of FF Tim Pfleger. Just over 10 years ago, Tim joined the ranks of the fire company and became a tremendous asset to the department. Tim was a lifelong Holmdel resident and a Holmdel High School graduate. Tim was also a volunteer for the Keyport Fire Department where he was currently serving as Department Chief. Tim, we thank you for all you’ve done not only for Holmdel but for the fire service as a whole. Your smile that lit up the room, your great personality, and your friendship will be greatly missed. Your spirit will live on all throughout the firehouse. We ask everyone to keep the Keyport Fire Department and the Pfleger family in your prayers at this time.
Keyport First aid Auxiliary posted that,
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Chief Tim Pfleger and the members of the Keyport Fire Department. Rest In Peace.
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