Tavaughn Bulgin died: What happened at Jaws bridge in Martha’s Vineyard?

Tavaughn Bulgin died: What happened at Jaws bridge in Martha's Vineyard?

A man who jumped off the “Jaws” bridge in Martha’s Vineyard and was still missing had his search for him reopened on Tuesday. Let’s see how Tavaughn Bulgin died and What happened at Jaws bridge in Martha’s Vineyard in detail

What happened to Tavaughn Bulgin?

Tavaughn Bulgin 21, who went missing after jumping off the “Jaws” bridge on Martha’s Vineyard late on Sunday night? Police searched for him again on Tuesday.

According to officials, he dove into the lake alongside his 26-year-old brother Tavaris Bulgin and two other people.

On Monday morning, Tavaris’ body was located. Tavaughn is said to be deceased.

Tavaughn Bulgin died

After jumping over the bridge on Martha’s Vineyard made famous by the 1975 movie “Jaws,” one man died and his brother is still missing, according to authorities.

The aquatic search for a 21-year-old man who disappeared after jumping from the American Legion Memorial Bridge late on

Sunday night with his 26-year-old brother and two others was put on hold by rescuers on Tuesday afternoon, according to the authorities.

Monday morning saw the early recovery of the 26-year-body. old’s Adam Sansoucie, a representative for U.S. Coast Guard Station Woods Hole, confirmed that the other two persons were saved.

According to the Boston Globe, A family representative named the brothers as Tavaughn Bulgin, 21, and Tavaris Bulgin, 26,

The brothers’ names were confirmed by Massachusetts State Police to USA TODAY. Also learned that they were from Jamaica and employed seasonally in Martha’s Vineyard restaurants.

What happened at Jaws bridge in Martha’s Vineyard?

First responders were dispatched to the American Legion Memorial Bridge between Edgartown and Oak Bluffs at around 11:20 p.m. on Sunday, a Coast Guard official told Boston.com.

Swimmers frequently jump off the bridge and into the waters below because it was featured in the “Jaws” movie.

The two Bulgin brothers were one of a group of four pals who jumped from the bridge.

The other two managed to safely exit the water, but Tavaris and Tavaughn were nowhere to be found.

On Monday, around 6:30 a.m., police discovered Tavaris Bulgin’s body. Omar George, who describes himself as a family friend of the brothers and their parents, wrote on Facebook that the four pals plunged off the bridge.

In his letter, George stated that one brother “was in trouble,” while the other “possibly went to help.”

The bridge is located along Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach and is occasionally referred to as “Big Bridge” by locals.
Sengekontacket Pond and Nantucket Sound are divided by it.

Despite warnings posted along the route that jumping off the bridge is forbidden, many people still do it every summer.

About 15 feet of water are submerged beneath the bridge.

Strong currents might endanger swimmers depending on the tides.

In addition to creating risks, the adjacent rocks can catch weaker swimmers by surprise.

According to state senator Julian Cyr, who spoke with the Globe, educating people—in particular Martha’s Vineyard’s seasonal workers—is the best approach to prevent accidents at the bridge in the future.

He argued that the best use of the limited resources available to law enforcement would not be to increase police patrols on the bridge and crack down on leaping.

Who is Tavaughn Bulgin?

Tavaughn Bulgin, 21, was one of four people who jumped off the bridge in Edgartown at 11 p.m. Sunday.

Two were rescued, but two men remained lacking.

A search team rescued the body of one of the nonexistent swimmers, who was Bulgin’s 26-year-old brother.

What do police reports confess?

Throughout Sunday night and Monday morning, members of the Coast Guard, Massachusetts State Police, and local law enforcement continued the search.

According to Oak Bluffs Fire Chief Nelson Wirtz, because of tide changes, they were forced to stop at midday. who spoke to The Boston Globe.

Some vehicles, including an MSP helicopter and a Coast Guard ship, were able to keep going.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, the MSP Marine Unit and Dive Team called off the search and said they would resume it Tuesday along with Massachusetts Environmental Police officers.

Divers and other law enforcement personnel picked up their search on Tuesday morning and concentrated on the bridge’s side that borders the pond and inlet, a State Police official told the Boston Globe.

On Tuesday, law enforcement used side-scanning sonar technology, which enables searchers to study the ocean floor.

To find items or anomalies in the water column or on the ocean floor, we use side-scan sonar.

According to a tweet from the MSP Twitter account, “If sonar detects something, we’ll dive on it.

Crews moved back to the ocean side of the bridge Tuesday morning after failing to locate Tavaughn Bulgin’s body.

However, the official said that because of hazardous weather, Tuesday’s search was discontinued at 1 p.m.

The safety of resuming the search will be determined going forward by daily evaluations of the weather.

Who were the victims?

The Bulgin brothers were from the Jamaican town of Clarendon.

They were working at Nomans restaurant and spending the summer in Oak Bluffs.

In an Instagram post, the restaurant was closed on Tuesday and expected to reopen on Wednesday.

According to the Jamaica Observer, Tavaris and Tavaughn visited the United States as part of a work-and-travel program for college-age students.

Tavaris and Tavaughn are the sons of Rev. Keith Bulgin, pastor of Palmers Cross New Testament Church of God in Clarendon, according to a spokeswoman for the Bulgin family who talked to the Globe.

The brothers have two sisters as well.

After hearing the devastating news, some family members sought medical assistance.

The two brothers grew up in the church, accompanying their father and playing music during services.

They both attended college and majored in business.

According to the Observer, one went to the University of the West Indies and the other to the University of Technology, Jamaica.

George talked about being the best man at Rev. Bulgin’s wedding in a Facebook post.

He claimed that the two lads were like sons to him and that they frequently visited his Connecticut home before departing for Martha’s Vineyard.

Just such a visit took place recently, according to George.

The Bulgin brothers prepared meals for him and boasted about working in a restaurant that President Barack Obama had frequented.

According to what he said, George took the brothers to Massachusetts. Last week, they called to wish him a happy birthday and promised to celebrate when they got back.

These two young men resemble my biological sons. I was devoted to them. I’ve known them since birth.

The post stated, “They are good, godly, intelligent, cheerful, wacky, full of life, and talented people.


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